How Plants Improve Your Health

Feeling stuffy? Feeling down? Don’t worry, you may be able to feel better by making a small change in your home or office space. Try adding a plant. Even if you aren’t a gardener there are very low maintenance plants that survive under artificial light that thrive off of neglect. Check out the following benefits of having one or more plants around.

The Benefits Of Plants

They Give You Purpose IYLWP

If you name a plant they will give you a sort of purpose. You will talk to them, feel worried about them, want to take care of them, and more. When they thrive and flourish you will feel proud and maybe even overjoyed. If you don’t want the maintenance of a pet then something like a cactus or ivy that doesn’t require a lot of attention might be a good option.

You’ll Breathe Easier

You already know that you and plants depend on each other. They need carbon dioxide, which you produce, and you need oxygen, which they produce. Why not place some around on your desk on in the bedroom to have a source of fresh air?

Photosynthesis increases at night, to produce even more oxygen. More oxygen can lead to more relaxation for better sleep, less stress, fewer headaches, and less sinus pain.

Not only will you have more oxygen in the room, but it will be purified. As plants do their photosynthesis thing they clean the air by filtering out toxins that are commonly found in cigarette smoke, plastic bags, and more. If you having a smoking neighbor, placing plants around your door and windows will help eliminate the smell.

Dry air? No problem. Plants release moisture in the air, increasing the humidity around them. A little extra moisture in the room can help fight dry skin, illnesses, dry coughs, nasal discomfort due to dryness, and more.

You’ll Feel Better

Plantguy-Plants are all natural, heck they’re nature. They connect with us on a subconscious level to reduce our stress, anxiety, and pain. Something about leafy greens and flowers comforts people and provide something nice to look at.

Studies suggest that offices with a few plants around have more productivity and less sick days. Plants have random edges that give us something enjoyable and stimulating to look at. As a result, they improve creativity and focus. Maybe if you’re having a little trouble getting passed some writer’s block at work then a plant could help.

Easy To Grow Plants

If you don’t know what to plant, don’t worry, there are easy to grow plants that live indoors. You can get some bamboo to place either in a large pot, or a smaller container for your desk. There are tons of cactus and succulents to choose from that don’t require a lot of light or water. You can hang baskets of ivy from the ceiling to decorate any space. The peace lily sports a beautiful white flower indoors. There are literally tons of options!

Enjoy The Plant In Your Life

Adding a few plants to your home and office can improve your health and mood more than you think. Plus, if nothing else, the plants will provide pops of beautiful color to brighten up the space. Start small with one indoor plant and see how things go. You’ll have a full garden before you know it.

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