How Massage Therapists can Practice Better Self-Care

Massage therapist enjoying her work while practicing good self-care

Your work as a massage therapist is demanding, so taking the time for self-care is a necessity. Caring for your mental and physical wellbeing is as important as caring for your clients.

You are a role model; your clients look to you to set a good example for the integrated health and wellness community. Business will suffer if clients continually find you frazzled and rushed due to a stress.

Your wellbeing is as important to your business as clients and profit. If you injure yourself through exhaustion or poor body mechanics, the effects to your business could be devastating. So to help in your pursuit here are several ways to practice self-care for massage therapists.

Massage Therapists Physical Self-Care:

Even though as a massage therapist you have received education about proper body mechanics and positioning, you are vulnerable to musculoskeletal injuries.

Using Good Body Mechanics

You are moving and stand throughout the day so it is critical to adhere to healthy posture techniques. Keep in mind proper body mechanics while bending, moving, and lifting heavy objects this will help to prevent work-related injuries on and off the job.

Stretch Before Each Client

Massage therapist and client both using good self-care practices

Consider your job a full-time workout. You are on your feet exerting strength and pressure to perform a massage for your clients. Before starting your day, take 15 minutes to stretch and then later perform a light stretch before meeting with each client. This will help to prevent cramp and pulled muscles.

Caring For Your Hands

As a massage therapist, your hands are vital to your business, and they must receive care and attention. It is essential to wash your hands throughout the day, but this can lead to dry and cracked skin. Moisturize your hands and keep your nails well-manicured. Having rough skin or jagged nails is far from ideal for massage patients.

Massage Therapists Emotional and Mental Self-Care:

Our society as a whole has become a parade of workaholics focused on our careers and taking little time for ourselves. Our daily routine and dedication to work have eclipsed our personal health and lives. Break away from this mold and allow yourself time to relax and rest. Work stress builds up over time, and this can be detrimental to your business. Take a yearly vacation to enjoy yourself.

Consider these tips to remain serene and focused while at work:

  • Meditation
  • Quiet Breaks
  • Healthy Eating

It is important to practice self-care for yourself professionally and personally. These self-care tips for massage therapists should help you become healthier mind, body, and spirit.


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