How to Build Your Wellness Brand: Grow Your Business

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One of the most crucial aspects of your growing wellness business is developing your wellness brand. Some might be asking what exactly is “branding”? How does it affect my integrated wellness business?

Your wellness brand is how you portray the promise of what clients can expect from your products and services, and how these things differ from your competitors. Your wellness brand is created by who you are as a company, who you want to be and more importantly who people perceive you to be.

One of the critical elements you must understand is branding is not marketing. Marketing focuses on getting the word out about your company, while branding is what you are promoting. Think of branding as creating a consistent image and experience, what your client experiences when they visit your business, website or social media channels.

No matter your business or the style of your branding it should always be strategic. From the photos you share on social media to the color scheme and fonts on your website, everything must be carefully chosen to convey a specific message.


So to help you on your path to successful branding here are five tips to help identify what makes your company unique and to share that message with your audience.


Verbal Branding and Your Integrated Wellness Business

We commonly think of branding as a strictly visual medium, however, your verbal brand plays a huge role in your business’s branding. This includes everything from website copy to the words used to greet your clients. Words and phrases must be chosen carefully to define your brand.

Website Copy

The tone of your website speaks volumes about who you are as a wellness business and what type of clients you are reaching out to. If your business brand is friendly and conversational it must be reflected in your website copy as well.

Your wellness business’s identity should be woven consistently and flawlessly throughout your website. Clients will shy away from your business if your site is open and welcoming, but your “About Us” page is all business and strict.

Strategic Social Media

Client viewing a wellness brand on his cellphoneJust like your website copy your posts on social media must reflect your business’s image. Everything from your posts to the comments you make on people’s content must be strategically planned.

Speaking with Clients

The most important aspect of verbal branding is how you and your staff present themselves to clients. If your business brand identity is friendly and opening your team must reflect this sentiment with each customer. The best example to consider is Chick-Fil-A, no matter the location they are warm welcoming and whether you realize it or not they are showing their brand as a company.

Look to your staff and yourself to see if your speak gives off the appropriate verbal branding for your company.

Visually Branding Your Integrated Wellness Business

Visual Branding includes everything from your business’s logo, photos, color scheme, office appearance, and work attire you choose to reflect your brand.

Brand All Marketing Materials

In order to visually brand all marketing materials both on and offline, the logos and graphics used on your website should be incorporated into social media accounts, business cards, office decor, and other marketing materials.

Consider your clients when they find your business on HealingRadius; they should then be able to quickly recognize your business on Facebook because of the photos and styles are the same.

Try using the same profile picture on all social media accounts and marketing materials to increase brand recognition.

Personal Appearance

What does your work attire say about your business?

As an integrated wellness center or business, the appearance of you and your staff is essential to your companies branding. Be sure you present yourself in a way that is inline with your businesses brand while you are at work. This includes the clothes, style, haircut/color, and accessories worn by you and your staff members.

Key to Your Wellness Brand

The key to a powerful and compelling wellness brand is ultimately consistency across all marketing channels and in person. For more helpful tips on growing and improving your business check out our blog and sign up for your free HealingRadius account.


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