How to Build a Better Yoga Class Attendance

Growing a better yoga class attendance

How to Build a Better Yoga Class Attendance

Both established and new teachers, frustrated with their class attendance, often find themselves asking how to build a better yoga class attendance.

Once you have found a location and established a class schedule, you can prepare to grow your yoga class attendance. You may dream of a time when your class is full, but building a class takes time. There are a few ways you can start building a reliable yoga class attendance today.

Grow a Better Yoga Class Attendance and Improve Your Business

Marketing Your Yoga Class

In traditional eastern ideology, students would relocate to remote places to study under experienced masters. In our culture, marketing yoga classes and studios is a robust effort complete with purchasing ads, sending email marketing campaigns, and having an open class policy. As you grow as a teacher, you will also grow a better yoga class attendance by being involved in the community and with your students. Remain accessible, stay connected with others, and seize new opportunities. Finding the right way to market your class is about creating your individual voice.

Be Both a Teacher and a Friend to Build a Better Yoga Class Attendance

Taking the time to know your students is one of the most important aspects of teaching your yoga class. Get to know their goals, limitations, and what they hope to gain from attending your class. Before you begin your lesson introduce yourself to new students and answer any questions they may have. This will mean arriving 10-15 minutes before the class and staying after the scheduled session.

You should expect some students to require more guidance than others. Circulating throughout your class is a great opportunity to get to know all of your students. As you do so, you will notice who requires extra time and attention and can offer personalized one-on-one classes to those who are particularly dedicated and who desire more assistance!

Take Initiative

Become a familiar face in your community and if you are a part of a studio, become an integral part of its culture. Participate in charity events, festivals, workshops or any other community occasions. Join related Facebook groups in your area and take additional steps to meet new students without directly marketing to them. Become an active member, talk about your experience, teaching style and let the students come naturally.

Consider using social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to inspire and maintain your class. If you currently have a personal Facebook page create a Public Figure Page where you can guide your current students to learn more about schedules and events. Here you can also share blogs, photos, articles and more; not just with your friends, family, and students but this allows people outside of your direct circle to research and find you.

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Use Seasons to Your Advantage

Class attendance will fluctuate with the seasons. The New Year is a great example of a time which may bring many resolution attendees! It is more important to focus more on your personal growth as a teacher than to focus on attendance. As you grow and build relationships so will your class. Use email marketing to complement natural times, such as the New Year, for growth and maximize your yoga class attendance!

Be Consistent

One thing you always hear from experienced yogis is that you must practice every day and you can not miss a lesson. Especially if you are just starting out, it is important to exercise consistency to earn the loyalty of your students. Be consistent in your own practice and show your dedication to others using social media; your personal passion may very well inspire others and begin building your own following!

There is no real substitute for experience gained by being in the same location and time for an extended period of time working earnestly.

Know yourself and understand your audience. The key to effective marketing is to consider your audience’s needs and express yourself simply and clearly. In the end, you must balance the narrow path of marketing and stay true to yourself. You must be the one to decide the direction of your business and the marketing efforts you use.

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