3 Reasons Why You’re Constantly Hungry

What in the world? You just ate, and you’re already hungry? We all have that one friend who seems to be constantly eating like they never fill up. If you feel that way too then your diet could become wrecked before it even starts. If you want to eat less and feel fuller longer then check out the following reasons as to why you might feel like you’re constantly starving.

Reasons For Constant Starvation

  1. Your Day Starts With Sugar  

RYCHWhen you wake up in the morning it’s not the time for sugar and refined carbs. Donuts, muffins, and ‘healthy’ cereals that are loaded with carbs and your daily recommended amount of sugar. They will cause your blood sugar to rise and then drop, giving you a sugar crash.

You’ll suddenly find yourself yawning and unable to function at work and shuffling to the vending machine to get another sugary option. Don’t get caught in the cycle. Remember, once you start sugar during the day, your body won’t want you to stop eating more until bedtime.

Protein and good fats will fill you up and give you tons of healthy energy. They’ll even help to avoid a crash. Load up on stuff like lean meats, eggs, avocado, and cheeses, instead of refined carbs and you’ll notice a real difference in your energy levels.

  1. Your Drinking Habits May Be Off 

The same area of your brain is responsible for both hunger and thirst. That’s not very convenient because that means you can very easily confuse your thirst and hunger pangs. Sometimes you’ll think you’re hungry when in reality you’re just dehydrated.

It’s a great practice to drink a cup of water as soon as you get up in the morning to start hydrating early. Also, if you feel prematurely hungry try drinking some water before snacking and drink some water before each meal to feel fuller faster. 

Have you ever had a couple alcoholic beverages and come to the conclusion that nothing would be better than pizza? Well, that goes back to confusing dehydration with hunger. When you’re drunk you’re dehydrated, and feel hungry as a result. Try to resist the urge to binge eat and drink water instead.

  1. Your Lifestyle Makes You Hungry

We’ve all be there, with days that almost lead us to tears. The only thing that can help us after a long commute and extra long day at work is our favorite type of cookie or sweet. That’s stress eating and it’s not a good practice. healthfood

When we’re stressed our nervous system freaks out and our body wants extra energy as a result, causing you to crave something bad and calorie loaded for fast energy. Instead of giving in to the junk food try relaxing instead with yoga or a walk around the block. Working out can actually suppress your appetite.

You might be blessed with a high metabolism. If you work out and the more muscle mass you have then the more calories you burn. However, this isn’t an excuse to eat whatever you want. Fuel your body with nutritious snacks to support your active lifestyle and to stay fuller longer. It’s important to always remember to eat enough to support your exercise routine.

You’re a bored eater. When you watch tv, got nothing to do, or have some down time at work you can’t resist the urge to make a snack. That’s why you should put your snacks out of view so they don’t tempt you and remind yourself that you aren’t truly hungry, you just want something to crunch during your reality tv rerun.

End Constant Hunger

You should listen to your body, and eat when it tells you to. However, loading up on sugar and over snacking could lead to the constant feeling of starvation. Get some relief by making healthy choices and monitoring what you eat.

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