How to Be More Present With Family Over Holidays

Wellness business owner enjoying time with his family over the holidays

Separating yourself from your business during the holiday season can be much harder when you are an integrative business owner. Not only is your work wherever you are, there is always a looming fear that your clients could go elsewhere. However, it is essential to take a break and recharge. Learn how HealingRadiusPro can help manage the annual struggle between work and family time during the holidays. Use HealingRadiusPro to be more present with family over the holidays.


How to Be More Present With Family Over Holidays

Online Booking

HealingRadiusPro makes it easier than ever to track your booking information. No matter where you are your clients can still book appointments and classes online. Plus, the appointment calendar allows you to add, confirm, edit, move, and delete appointments all from one convenient location.

You will receive automatic updates if there are any cancellations, last-minute appointment or class reservations. Link your booking calendar to your website to ensure your clients can schedule appointments even while spending time with your family.


Online Payments

Once your clients have booked their appointments or classes, they can easily pay online using HealingRadiusPro. No need to take time away from your family to accept payment you can authorize payment from any connected device with HealingRadiusPro. Our software accepts all forms of payments such as credit, check, or even insurance.


Staff Management

Small business owner more focused and present with family over holidaysLeading up to the holidays it will be increasingly important to allow off time for your staff members. HealingRadiusPro’s staff management feature gives you the power to schedule working hours, sessions, time-off requests, and so much more.

If you are taking a family vacation, you can create multiple user logins allowing trusted personal access to your schedule calendar. From there they can assign shifts, classes, and tasks based on your instructions.


Focus on Your Family This Holiday Season

HealingRadiusPro is an all-in-one business management solution designed for wellness practitioners. This holiday season choose HealingRadiusPro to effectively manage your business and be more present with your family. Sign-up for HealingRadiusPro free today and see the benefits we can bring to your integrative wellness business!


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