Attract Attention With Your Online Business Profile

How will you grow your business if you don’t promote it online? How will you build a presence in your community? How will new clients have a way to search for your center online? How will people learn about your healing center? With your HealingRadiusPro profile, you’ll have a place online to answer all of your client’s questions and more.

Building Your Business Profile 

Once you sign up for your 100% free account with HealingRadiusPro and claim your business you can customize your business profile. The process of claiming your business only takes a moment!

BYOPYour business profile is totally customizable with any details that you would like to add about your alternative health center. For example, you can post your business name, address, hours of operation, services provided, contact information, and more.

Then if you choose to do so, you can post your business profile on, the holistic search engine site. HealingRadius is where people go to search for particular alternative health classes and services, and when they search something related to your profile it will appear in their search results.

When people look at a site they mainly want to know what you do, and how to contact you, so it’s important that your business phone number and services are listed. However, people also want to know what other’s think of your alternative health business, which is why your profile includes a reviews and comment section.

Your clients will be able to leave honest reviews about their experience at your center. Positive reviews will attract more clients to walk through your door. Just keep in mind that when people leave reviews they can be either positive or negative, that’s why you can edit and remove reviews. Anything negative can be removed, and you can showcase your positive user testimonials to attract more clients.

You can even use your profile to promote your top staff member or class instructors. You can add a brief description about the team members you want to showcase and include why customers should book a session with them.

As you know, any business that offers something to the public attracts questions. These questions are sometimes relevant and can sometimes be extremely random. Either way answering them online provides user interaction and shows that your business cares. That’s why in the reviews and comments section clients can ask questions and you can quickly and easily respond to

People are busy, and they don’t want to wait on the phone to book a session or class. That’s why your schedule will be available on your profile and you can list your available appointments and classes. You can add, edit, or remove classes at any time, and your customers can book them online! Plus, you’ll be notified when an appointment is booked via email.

To make things even more convenient for your patients or students, they can even pay for their sessions online right when they book them. Then you can accept their payment in your HealingRadiusPro account at any time.

Why Wait?

What’s the holdup? Get started with your free HealingRadiusPro account today to access your online profile to be discovered and grow your business. Your patients or students will love reading about your center and booking their sessions online!

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