The Essential Holiday Emails for Successful Wellness Providers

The Essential Holiday Emails for Successful Wellness ProvidersEmail marketing is one of the most effective tools for growing your integrative wellness business and acquiring new customers/clients. Here are the essential holiday emails for successful wellness providers to send this season. These email suggestions are listed in the order we recommend sending to current and potential clients.

The Essential Holiday Emails for Successful Wellness Providers

What’s New!

Send your clients a list of the products, programs, and service your acupuncture practice, yoga studio, spa, or other business has added within the past year. Advertise your new features as new gift ideas for the holiday season to inspire health and wellness among their friends and family.

Holiday Wishlist

Create an email formatted like a holiday wish list with the most popular programs, products, or services your wellness business offers. Your clients can print off this list, check their favorites, and give it to their family as a helpful guideline. Try tieing specific dates to the items or programs list.

Mix and Match

Use this email to link your products and services to your client’s significant others, friends, kids, or co-workers. So in place of generic promotions personalized gifts for those your clients are most likely to buy for during the holiday season.

Consider a package where your clients can design and create a personalized list of services or programs from a menu. This way your clients feel more strongly about the purchase because it forced them to think about what the recipient would enjoy.

Happy Holidays

The Essential Holiday Emails for Successful Wellness ProvidersInstead of a group photo of your staff wishing the recipient a happy holiday include a special promotion. Include a free yoga session or other promotional events. Alternatively, if your business can afford it offer freebies or house a holiday open house where potential clients can visit, snack, and ask questions.

Last Minute

There is no greater push than urgency. Whether it is the day before Christmas or your class is running out of slots urgency helps to reinforce the value and price of your products and services. Send an email reminding your clients of all the gifs opportunities your wellness business has to offer. You have gifts at all price levels, ready to go, but they better act fast before the opportunity is gone.

Grow Your Wellness Practice This Holiday Season

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