How To Naturally Regulate Your Thyroid

Woman is searching for natural treatment of thyroid problemsYour thyroid is a small gland located in your neck that does a whole lot of work. A significant difference in your weight, body temperature, and even your mood can all be signs of a thyroid issue. You should see your healthcare practitioner if you think there might be a severe problem, but here are a few home remedies for thyroid care.

How To Naturally Regulate Your Thyroid

Go Easy on the Kale

Kale is so good for you and everyone loves it! It goes great in a salad or on a sandwich and has a ton of superfood qualities. However, kale is part of a group of veggies – which also includes broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower –  that contain goitrogens, which hinder thyroid function. This is especially true if you’re enjoying these foods raw. Steam or saute them to lessen this effect. Another natural remedy for thyroid is seaweed. Goitrogens affect iodine levels, and seaweed can balance them.

Everything in Moderation

What are the three things most people indulge in (or are addicted to)? Sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. All three of these can increase stress hormone levels, and that disrupts everything your thyroid is doing to help your body. If you need an energy boost, get some protein. Animal products (like meat and dairy) as well as foods with high selenium levels (like nuts and seeds) help your thyroid and give you the energy you might otherwise get from caffeine or sugar.

Filter Your Water

A water filter doesn’t just make your tap water taste better. Tap water can contain fluoride or chlorine, which again disrupts your thyroid from getting the iodine it needs. A carbon block filter can severely reduce the amount of chlorine and fluoride you take in when you drink water from your tap.

Yoga Is Your Friend

Yoga poses can help stimulate your thyroid production just from the way you move your body. Anything that involves bending your neck forward and then tilting it back is helpful. The flexing and contracting helps the blood flow and therefore makes for a healthier thyroid gland.

Acupuncture And Pressure Points

Woman have natural treatment of thyroid problem with acupressure If you’re afraid of needles, this option is probably not for you. However, the ancient art of acupuncture is a great way to help blood circulation in the areas where the needles go in. Pressure points throughout the body affect each other. Like lung 7 (inside your wrist below your thumb) and large intestine 4 (the soft spot between your thumb and forefinger) are especially helpful for your thyroid gland.

Your thyroid gland works hard for you, so even if you’re not having a problem, consider these ways to help your body, and live a generally healthier lifestyle. The best thing is, you don’t need a doctor or medication to help your thyroid. All of these solutions are natural and easy, so you don’t have to worry. Stay healthy, friends!

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