How Successful Leaders Spend Their First Hour at Work

Yougn female bsuiness woner helps older client during her first hours at work

The first hour at work sets the pace for the rest of the day. If you use this time to strategize your day ahead before facing a barrage of emails and phone calls you can efficiently plan your productivity. Instead of jumping straight into basic tasks and duties consider employing these tactics brought to you by successful women and see how they start their workday.


How Successful Leaders Spend Their First Hour at Work

Your Number One Priority

First thing in the morning sift through your task list and find your number one priority. If this is not clear ask yourself what is the one task you must complete today. Honing in on your priorities will help to focus your attention and avoid distractions. Plus, it will boost your self-satisfaction when you cross items off your task list at the end of the day.


Make Time For Your Staff

Young female leader and business owner helps to work with clientTake the time in the mornings to speak with your staff members and colleagues. Rather than running for your office or to your clients take a moment to check in with the people who work for you. You do not need to spend a long time in the conversation just a quick chat will help to build a connection and build a healthy relationship.


Three-Level Priority List

Make a three-level priority list: Most important, second-tier to-do, and team goals for the day. This list will give your daily agenda more structured keeping you from feeling overwhelmed. You can go over your list and check in with your team to see how productive your wellness business was that day.

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