Revolutionize Your Wellness Business With These Features

Yoga instructor using HealingRadiusPro features to boost her wellness business

HealingRadiusPro is a unique online business management solution designed for wellness practitioners. Not only can you oversee appointment scheduling, approve payments, interact with clients, but you are also able to effectively manage your entire staff.

Here are four unique business management features that make HealingRadiusPro a trusted name within the wellness community!

Innovative Features for your Integrative Wellness Business

Online Booking

HealingRadiusPro makes planning your schedule quick and easy with an online booking and appointment calendar that allows you to add, confirm, edit, move and delete appointments all from one convenient location.

You will also receive automatic updates if there are any cancellations, last-minute appointments or class reservations. Link your booking calendar to your website to ensure your clients can schedule appointments with one easy step.

Online Payments

Wellness business professional using HealingRadiusPro features to manage her businessAfter your clients have booked their appointment or class, they can easily pay online using HealingRadiusPro. They will select their preferred payment option through PayPal, Stripe, or From here you can accept and authorize payment from your connected device. Plus, HealingRadiusPro accepts all forms of payment such as credit, check, or even insurance.

Staff Management

Whether your staff is big or small, it can be challenging to remember their availability, and requested time off. Now you have the power to manage your staff members working hours, sessions, time-off requests, and so much more. You can also label each staff member with a unique color or organize based on department.

Create multiple user logins allowing trusted personal access to your scheduling calendar. From there that can assign shifts, classes, and tasks based on your instructions.

Contact Management

Allow HealingRadiusPro to manage all of your business and client information all in one encrypted cloud-based software including details such as payment history, attendance record, and more.

Plus, you can boost brand awareness and your services by listing your business free on  HealingRadius, the ultimate wellness center directory. Sign for HealingRadiusPro free today and see the benefits we can bring to your integrative wellness business!

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