How to Market Your Wellness Business This Fall

Wellness business owner using the new season to target new clients

Winter is coming, and summer is now in our rearview mirror. While fall means crisp mornings, pumpkin spice, and falling leaves it can also be a great marketing opportunity for your wellness business.

Take advantage of the changing season with these five marketing ideas to engage clients and bring them into your wellness business.

Five Fall Marketing Ideas to Get You Started:

Incorporate Fall Themes

Transform your wellness business in autumn colors, and be sure to spread the theme to your ads, social media, and website. The orange, red, and yellow colors of fall will naturally grab the attention of your audience, so use an autumn palette to draw attention to specific items or special promotes.

Get Involved with Autumn Holidays

Take advantage of the fact that Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner by offering special promotions centered around these holiday themes. If you are a massage therapist consider advertising a special promotion before Thanksgiving to help clients relax before spending a few days with the in-laws. If you own a yoga studio you can offer Halloween-themed sessions like “wear your 1980’s exercise gear”.

Get Social and Share Fall Stories

Post blogs on your website and social media around teaching the local community about how to stay healthy during this fall or how to prepare your mind and body for holiday stress.

Share pins, posts, and pictures on social media to celebrate fall and the upcoming holidays. Encourage your clients to post and share their fall health or exercise journeys as well!

Prepare Your Clients for the Upcoming Holidays

Offer seasonal discounts and deals to get clients into your wellness business early to keep them coming back as the holidays get closer. The holidays are a stressful time but encourage customers to slow down, enjoy the season, and focus on what is important.

Stay Focused During the Holidays

With this new influx of clients, it can be challenging to manage your staff and client schedules.  But by using our online booking feature clients can find, book, and pay for appointments and classes online. From here you can add, edit, move, and confirms cancellations, all from your HealingRadiusPro account. Additionally, processing payment has never been faster and more straightforward, clients will simply select their payment method, and you will be notified when it has been accepted.


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