10 Great Tips You Need To Know To Boost Productivity

Any business – large or small – is concerned with productivity. And everyone, no matter where you work, struggles with procrastination. As an alternative healthcare practitioner, your schedule is different from most of the working world. You need to know these tricks to fight off procrastination so you can increase your productivity.

10 Great Tips You Need To Know To Boost Productivity

  1. Do The Hard Things First
    We all know that one task on our schedule that is so daunting. It’s boring, and it’s going to take a long time. So what do we do? Literally anything else. However, when you get the big boring task out of the way first, you’ll find that you’re more productive because you don’t have that weighing on you all day long.
  2. Break Tasks Down
    Whatever your task, you can break it down into steps. Big tasks become more manageable and small tasks become even smaller. Even a mountain can be moved, stone by stone.
  3. Remove Distractions
    The thing that makes focusing on work more difficult is that procrastination has never been easier. With social media, text messages, and even games, the desire to ignore work is strong. The best thing to do is get rid of all of this. Put your phone on silent and keep it somewhere you can’t see it. It might also help to put in headphones and listen to music to keep you in the zone.
  4. Time Management
    You can manage your time better if you get organized. Make a list of things to do and then put that list into a schedule to keep you on track. Schedules can help with Tip 2, breaking things down, by allotting a specific amount of time to a task. Just be sure to leave a little space in case something goes wrong.
  5. Make Your Hours Suit You
    Whether you’re a night owl or early bird, make your working hours suit you. Take advantage of your most productive hours because both methods will work depending on who you are. Just be sure you do it consistently.
  6. Forget Being Perfect
    Tyra Banks always says, “Perfect is boring.” Not only is it boring, but it’s also impossible! If perfection is your goal, you’ve already set yourself up to fail. Instead of striving for perfection, set some realistic, measurable goals for yourself. This way, you’re set up to get things done and not get discouraged about your progress.
  7. Write Stuff Down
    Procrastination is not always the result of laziness or lack of focus. More often than not, we put things off because we can’t decide on how to accomplish a task, not because we are unwilling to do it. If you write everything down, you can actually see your problem in front of you, and that can make the decision easier. If it doesn’t, you can at least gain some clarity on where your indecision is coming from.
  8. Just Do It
    Don’t get so worried about the plunge that you just stand at the edge holding your breath. Jump! That first step is hard, but any action at all is better than looking at your task and willing it to get done with your mind. Writers often do this. No matter what it is, even it’s bad, just get it down on paper, so you have something to work with. You can go back and edit later. This applies to business too.
  9. Find A Space That Works For You
    The environment is a large part of productivity. Just being cold or uncomfortable can prevent you from getting stuff done. You can’t force productivity if you’re distracted by where you are, so see what you can do to make your workspace more your style. It’s much easier to focus on a task when you’re comfortable.
  10. Do Sweat the Small Stuff
    Celebrating a big win is important, but it took a bunch of small tasks to get there. Acknowledge those and be proud of them. Celebrating small accomplishments boosts morale and therefore productivity. Every step of the journey counts.

Being productive really just takes small adjustments. Procrastination can be seriously damaging to your business, and it’s senseless to lose out over something that is such an easy fix. As an alternative healthcare practitioner, your productivity must reflect your schedule and what you do. We hope these tips help you run your business more productively!

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