Do-it-Yourself Marketing for Your Acupuncture Business

Acupuncture equipment and image of marketing

Whether you are just starting your acupuncture practice or you are simply looking to expand your client base without having to drain your savings account, then consider these do-it-yourself marketing ideas. There is no need to hire a marketing team to implement these concepts; you just need to be willing to put in the time and effort.

Marketing Evaluation

Your first step to creating a marketing strategy is to look at how your business compares to other providers in your community. If you are a well-established company with experience, capitalize on that fact! If you are just starting out, focus on what you excel at or what sets you apart from others so clients can see more value from your services.

Work with other related businesses within your area to cross-promote services. This can be as simple as displaying each other’s business cards at the front desk. You can consider other options such as direct marketing and specials for those visiting other businesses.

Find Your Niche

There are many ways to target specific demographics when constructing promotions. Consider running specials on certain days like teacher day, parents day, military veteran day, or whatever else you can think of to help drive clients toward your business.

Client Relations

Join your state association and implement loyalty programs or contests that will encourage people to visit. Offer seats to a basketball game, holiday gift basket, or free passes to a football season. Use whatever is popular in your community as the focus of your partnership.

Mobile Marketing

Acupuncturist helping a client who was brought in by marketing effortsPut your name on almost any vehicle so your name and number can be seen wherever you go. The best option is to have your car professionally wrapped with a graphic of your logo with your name and phone number.

Remember this should also be professionally done, so it is visually striking and appealing as your drive around town. Your name and number must be large enough so people can see while driving and must be branded so it can be recognized on your website, flyers, and especially your physical location.

Join Local Charities

Become a Toys-For-Tots drop-off location during the holiday season. Alternatively, get involved with local toy drives or charities. You will be seen doing good within your community, and your name will be noticed every time someone donates a toy to a child in need.

Create Your Own Day

Declare a specific day to defeat well-known problems. Consider topics that are trending especially in your area, like “Defeat Back Pain Day”. You can use it as an opportunity to discuss the benefits of acupuncture and how it will help to treat chronic back pain.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your business but more importantly, it is a chance to get to know your clients and the community you reside in. You could also consider arthritis, muscle problems, or any other symptom that acupuncture has been known to have extraordinary benefits.

Enhance Visibility

When people search online for your acupuncture business, you need to be the first name that comes up. Platforms like HealingRadius enable users to search instantly by condition, client reviews, and location. By claiming your business and entering the accurate information for your acupuncture business, you will be better connected to future clients who search for your services.

For more helpful tips on growing, starting, and improving your acupuncture business check out our blog and sign-up for your free HealingRadiusPro and HealingRadius account.


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