How To Use Online Scheduling As A Fitness Professional

HealingRadiusPro is an online scheduling software solution for fitness professionals and small business owners alike.

As a fitness professional or fitness entrepreneur, your clients are your livelihood. Meeting with them to help promote heath and wellness is a big part of your business.

However, if you spend too much time scheduling, you may lose focus on the most important part of your fitness career: healing. That’s why using online scheduling software, like HealingRadiusPro, is one of the best steps you can take in being a successful wellness professional.


Benefits of Online Scheduling

  • Customer/client self-scheduling
  • Reduced no-shows
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Flexible staff scheduling
  • Marketing boost
  • Optimal customization


Maximize Your Business

As a small business owner, staying attached to your phone all day waiting for calls, or hiring an assistant to do it for you, isn’t the best way to run your business. Plus, what happens if you miss a call? Or if someone cancels without calling? To put it simply, scheduling for your business shouldn’t be your entire business. Online scheduling software can help with that.

When you use a online scheduling software, like HealingRadiusPro, you can set up your own calendar and – get this – just leave it! Old and new clients alike can then use HealingRadius to sign up for an appointment or class with you. They can even pay for it right when they book.

You can set up online scheduling alert notifications so you’ll see when someone signs up in the appointment booking app, and also when they’ve canceled. By outsourcing scheduling with an appointment booking app and online scheduling software, you’ll be able to focus on being a successful small business owner.


Market Your Business

Online scheduling is also a great option for marketing your business. In the case of HealingRadius and HealingRadiusPro, you can list the therapies you provide as well as what health issues you treat or fitness services you offer, so potential clients searching those symptoms or classes near you will see your business. Clients can also leave reviews and ratings which help promote your business.

Best of all, you can update your schedule at any time, making changes and sending clients alerts via the appointment booking app to reschedule in case of emergencies. You can also grant online scheduling access to your staff to manage their own schedules.

Oh, and did we mention you get all of this peace of mind for free? Throw away the stress of online scheduling and focus on being the best fitness professional out there. Try it yourself by signing up today at!


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