How to Market Unique Add-Ons for Your Business

 Hot and cold stone massage spa add-ons

How to Market Unique Add-Ons for Your Business

Has it become increasingly difficult to stand out from your competition? No matter if you are a massage therapist or any other integrated wellness center it is important to market unique add-ons for your business and drive new clients and increase your revenue! 

If you are a massage therapist you are constantly asked about available spa options. Since your customers already trust you and want to pay you, consider providing unique add-on services to increase both your client satisfaction and revenue, as well as new sale. Here are 4 unique add-ons that your clients will love!

4 unique add-ons your clients will love

Facial mask spa add-on for integrated wellness business

Scrubs and Masks:

If you are looking for a cost-effective add-on for your business look no further than spa scrub or mud treatments. No training is required other than some light research on the materials and application of the treatment. Apply the scrub to your client and use a warm towel to remove.

The scrubs and masks should be purchased in small amounts while starting out because they can spoil over time.


Paraffin Treatment:

Paraffin treatment is a warm oil-based wax that provides clients pain relief in hands and feet while softening skin. This treatment requires a fairly low investment; usually, ingredients cost less than $1 per treatment. Your business will need to invest in a paraffin warmer so you can provide this add-on service.

This treatment is perfect for clients waiting for a scheduled appointment or individuals who have arthritis, cracked, or dry skin. This treatment can also be applied to other joints by using a body brush.


Hand Massage:

Consider including a hand massage to connect with your clients. Offer this as a complimentary service to ease clients into their spa experience. By massaging their hands, you are naturally developing a quiet, meaningful connection that will set their mind at ease and prepare them for the full massage.


Cold and Hot Stone Therapy:

Stone massages are often thought of as spa treatments but can be a wonderful add-on to any integrative wellness center. Your business can use the traditional stones, battery-operated stones, heated bamboo, shells or any other option to create a truly unique experience for your clients. Before any treatments are performed you will need to seek training on these techniques in order to follow safety and sanitation protocol.


Marketing Your Add-Ons

Of course, you will need to advertise your new additions on your website, social media accounts, newsletter, and create a series of marketing emails. With the seasons changing, it is a great time to reach out with the solution for dry winter skin. Market your new add-on services such as paraffin treatments or your signature scrub. Every client is an opportunity to add additional services.

HealingRadius is a wonderful tool for finding spa related centers in your area and advertising your new menu items. Simply update your account information for your current and prospective clients to view, and you are ready to go.


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