Wellness Center Client Referrals: What To Know

Integrative wellness center massage client referral program

One of the best ways to build your growing integrated wellness business is by focusing on getting more client referrals. When your existing clients are happy with the work you provide, they are more likely to pass your name on to others. 


Harness the power of your happiest clients to grow your integrative wellness business. Here are five ways you can get more clients referrals for your integrative wellness center.

1. Find Out How Your Clients Found Your Center

How did your clients find your business? Many wellness businesses have some idea of where their clients come from but don’t understand how word of mouth affects their growth.


When your clients sign in, leave a line and ask how they found your business. Mark their answers in a spreadsheet to track for future reference.


2. Offer a Client Referral Incentive Program

Set up an incentive program to encourage clients to make referrals. The most successful client referral programs reward both the current client and the referred friend!


Consider what your clients find valuable. Think of your client referral program as a welcoming experience, the program should say you care about your client’s happiness. Taken seriously, this brings more value to the customer as well as the business.


3. Keep it Simple

Your referral program must be simple and easy to understand. The process must also be easily accessible for current and potential clients to use.

Integrative wellness center acupuncture client referral program

Implement an email marketing strategy to let clients know about your referral program. Consider sending an automatic email to clients, two days after their appointment. You can also offer valuable incentives for previous clients if a friend pays for a service.


Create a system to support your client referral program. Prepare a plan for how to distribute and credit valid referral coupons or gifts.


4. Company Advocates

You have already collected several brand advocates, and they are regulars. These clients are already willing to advocate for your business.


At the end of a client’s appointment, remind them to tell others about their experience by writing a review for your business online. Reach out to clients who have left positive business reviews and reconnect! These individuals are likely to be more willing to join a referral program. Ask if they have someone who is looking for the service you provide.


5. Thank Those Who Refer

By thanking clients for referrals it helps them feel good about the business they support and motivates them to take action again. It is much easier to sell to a previous client than it is to sell to someone new. Consider sending a thank you card after the client’s first referral as a nice follow-up! Client appreciation is crucial to business growth!


Start Gaining Referred Clients

Businesses excel when they implement effective customer referral programs. Referral programs are an excellent way to gain clients and grow your integrative wellness business. Claim your business on HealingRadius to extend your reach and allow new clients to easily find your business.


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