Is Quinoa the Super Food You Need?


Move out of the way kale, a new super food is in town. It’s called quinoa and even though a few of us may have been pronouncing it wrong like kin-no-ah, it’s still an incredibly healthy food that should be looked into if you’re trying to boost your diet and add nutrition to it for swimsuit season. 

Note: The proper way to pronounce quinoa is keen-wah. Also, we mean no offense to kale, which is a great healthy food.

The Dietary Benefits Of Quinoa

Just so you know, quinoa is eaten like a grain, but it’s actually a seed! One insanely healthy type of seed.

Quinoa is incredibly nutritious. It’s got the vitamins, the minerals, the antioxidants, and more. Quinoa is a good source of fiber, zinc, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, b vitamins, iron, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin e, and antioxidants.

Just to name a few of these nutrients and their benefits, iron supports brain function and prevents anemia. Zinc boosts the immune system, protects the liver, and prevents UV damage. Magnesium helps prevent osteoporosis and heart disease. Each nutrient in quinoa does its part to boost your health overall!

Two flavonoids in quinoa, quercetin, and kaempferol, which are plant antioxidants are linked to antiviral, anticancer, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties. So, quinoa will have you feeling good. The anti-inflammatory properties are linked to anti-inflammatory of fat and the digestive tract, helping those with digestive issues like IBS.

To continue on the nutrition train we can’t level out the fact that not only is quinoa an excellent source of protein, but it’s a complete protein! That means that it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Protein builds your hair, nails, skin, muscles, and more. It also repairs tissues to help you recover after a workout and build stronger, larger muscles.

Because quinoa is a great source of protein it’s often used by vegetarians and vegans to supplement meat.

Now seems like a good time to mention that quinoa is gluten-free, so those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities can rejoice. They can simply replace pasta and grains with yummy quinoa!

If you replace the majority of your carbs with quinoa you might notice that you feel better with more energy, and alertness.

Quinoa is excellent for weightless because it’s high in protein and fiber which will keep you full. It’s also a low-carb and low-calorie option that’s delicious when added to any meal. A cup of quinoa has about 222 calories so it can be used as a low-calorie substitution for other grains. Along with reducing your appetite studies suggest that quinoa boosts your metabolism.

Plus, quinoa has a low glycemic index, meaning it will help stabilize your blood sugar. With your blood sugar stabilized you’ll have fewer cravings and feel full longer. The blood sugar control is also great for those with diabetes.

Try Quinoa Today

Quinoa can be added to any meal in order to replace other high-calorie options and to add tons of protein and nutrition to your diet. It only helps that it has a delicious nutty flavor that compliments other foods well.

Place a fried egg over it or add fruit to it at breakfast, add it to your salad at lunch, or pair it with chicken or fish for dinner. Either way just make sure to add this nutrition filled, weight loss food to your diet!

However, take caution when you first try quinoa. If you have grass or food allergies you could be allergic. Try a bit or two and wait about 15 minutes before continuing to eat it depending on how you feel.
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