How To Plan A Great 4th of July Potluck

How To Plan A Great 4th of July Potluck 1There are so many reasons to celebrate with your co-workers such as an upcoming wedding, someone having a baby, or even for retirement. So with Independence Day right around the corner here is how to plan a great 4th of July potluck? Hosting a potluck is an easy way to put together a celebration and get everyone involved. It’s a team-building exercise!


How To Plan A Great 4th of July Potluck

Here are steps to plan your 4th of July potluck:


Plan Your Space

Where are all of you going to be? It can be the office or another space, but you need to be sure you can fit everyone coming, and that they have a place to sit down with their full plates. Most importantly, be sure you have permission to host your potluck at your desired location!

Know what items you’ll need (besides food) – You’re going to need plates, napkins, utensils, and more. You might need tablecloths or decorations as well. Have an idea of how many of those items you will need so you aren’t making last minute trips to the store.


Pick a Theme

This part is already done for you because it’s the Fourth of July! This determines the kind of food people will want to bring and how you want to decorate your space. What’s a 4th of July potluck without hamburgers and apple pie? Also, you’ll need everything to be red, white, and blue of course.


Make a Sign-up Sheet

When you put categories in, your employees can sign up to bring something that fits their schedule and talents. The people who don’t want to (or can’t) cook can sign up to bring paper products or beverages, and those who feel up to the challenge can bring the main course or dessert. You can even include a category just for set up/clean up crew.


Obviously, people should be signed up before the 4th of July. Give a couple of weeks notice if you can so people can prepare and budget accordingly. Also, people will get excited when they know ahead of time!


Are too many people signed up to bring dessert and no one has signed up to bring the main course? This gives you time to ask employees if they would be willing to change their mind and bring something else to maintain the balance.

Get there as early as possible – Make time to get your space ready for your 4th of July potluck. Try to give yourself at least an hour to set up.


Be a Good Host

How To Plan A Great 4th of July Potluck 1You are the host of your potluck. Help people find things they need, be it a plug for a crockpot or the trash can when they’ve finished. Try everything if you can, and be generous with compliments. Don’t make those who bring store-bought items feel bad that they didn’t cook. Respect everyone’s eating restrictions (i.e., let the vegetarians have first dibs on vegetarian food). Wash your hands as you serve or handle food. Clean up throughout the potluck, so you don’t have a huge mess at the end. Do be sure to help clean up when it’s over.


Listen to what’s being said around you. Is something missing, even just hot sauce? What items are people going back for more of? These things might not be said directly to you, so it’s important you pay attention.


Evaluate Your Potluck

When it’s over, think about what worked and what didn’t. Was there anything you had to make a last minute trip for? Was there an item that people barely touched? What was the first item gone? Take notes so next 4th of July, you can make your potluck even better!


We know that as a healthcare professional, you’re concerned with what people eat. A holiday shouldn’t ruin your diet. Fourth of July is not the best day for eating healthy since it usually involves hamburgers and potato salad and an assortment of pies. However, you can still have those things (and more) and stay healthy.


Check out these 50 recipes for delicious 4th of July food.




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