How to Encourage Employee Wellness During the Holidays

Encourage employee wellness this holiday season by providing health food in the break room

The holiday season too often encourages overeating and lower physical exercise. While it is easy to find yourself caught up in the hustle and bustle it is essential to maintain a regular fitness routine.


How to Encourage Employee Wellness During the Holidays

Sponsor Healthy Charities

This holiday season sponsor a charity bike ride, run, or any other fitness-themed charity event. Organize your employees into teams and encourage their families to participate. This way you will not only be supporting a worthy charity, your employees will have the chance to engage in a fun physical activity.

If there are no charity events planned in your local area organize your own. Search for local causes that need support during the holiday season or in the new year.


Healthy Snack Options

Like any other business during the holiday season, your company has been inundated with candy and other sweet treats. Employees and loyal clients often bring sweets to express their appreciation for all the hard work. To help your employees make healthy snack food easily accessible.

If you have a break room stock up on water, trail mix, and fruit. This is a simple way you can show appreciation to your staff while encouraging wellness.


Appropriate Time Off

While the holiday season is in full swing it is also cold and flu season. Encourage your employees to use their time off when needed. Too often policies discourage (even unintentionally)  employees from taking off when sick. Sick employees cause more harm than good, especially during the holiday season.

Employees spread unwanted germs to their coworkers and will cost your integrative wellness business productivity. Additionally, if your employees are 18 years or older it might be wise to skip the required doctor’s note for sick days.


Happy Holidays From HealingRadiusPro

A healthy work environment is a productive workplace, and you can not afford to lose momentum during the holiday season. It is worth putting in a little extra effort to sure your employee have a healthy and fun workplace during this holiday season. Help to encourage employee wellness today!


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