Side Hustles to Take Up Over the Holidays

Wellness business owner needs to start a side hustle for the holiday season


It is hard to deny we love this time of year. The average American spends $800 on presents alone. Keep in mind that number does not including the Christmas turkey or ham, decorations or vacations. As a holistic healer, you might see a slowdown in clients this season so if you need to offset some of your holiday purchases; a side hustle is perfect for you. Avoid a January spending hangover and find side hustles to take up over the holidays? Embrace the holiday spirit!


Side Hustles to Take Up Over the Holidays


This has to be one of my favorite sides hustle for earning extra money any time of year. There are hundreds of websites you can visit to find freelance gigs for practically anything. The key to landing more jobs is by boosting your ratings and asking past jobs to rate your performance.


Pet Sitting

Do you love four-legged furry friends? If your answer is yes, then pet sitting is your perfect holiday side hustle!

So many people leave town this time of year to visit friends and family out of town but unfortunately can’t bring their animals. Depending on the length of time required you could be looking at $75 or more.


Holiday Helper

This is a busy time of year for everyone especially busy parents rushing between holiday shopping and caring for the kids. There are parents every year willing to hire extra help for preparing their holiday party, shopping, gift wrapping, and so much more.

These holiday-related tasks typically pay between $10 and $25 per hour depending on your location and the job at hand.


Coupon Stuffer

Have you ever thought how all the coupons get into the newspaper the night before Thanksgiving? Robotic technology? Nope, they are hand stuffed by people. This is good news for you! If you are off during Thanksgiving week, this short-term side hustle is perfect for you. Earn some extra spending money for Black Friday or some it back for a rainy day.


Play Santa or an Elf!

Be a Santa Clause or an Elf this holiday season as a side hustleIf you love acting or making a child smile this is the side hustle for you! It takes a very special person to play Santa, but elves are very diverse. Check out your local mall to see if they need additional help or ask if they know where you could help out.


Whatever you decided to do this holiday season you can work a productive side hustle around it! Use this holiday season as an opportunity to earn some extra cash and avoid additional debt or save back an emergency fund.



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