How to Build Your Clientele Over the Holidays

Massage therapists uses tactics to build their clientele


The holiday season is an excellent opportunity for integrative wellness businesses to land new clients and strengthen relationships with current clients. To keep your wellness business growing and your client list full you must make a conscious effort to find creative ways to effectively recruit new clients even during a traditionally slow time of the year. Learn how to build your clientele over the holidays with these unique marketing tactics.


How to Build Your Clientele Over the Holidays

Show Your Appreciation

Many integrative wellness businesses find that sending holidays cards or gifts to current clients add a personal touch encouraging repeat business. When choosing your gift or card be sure to select one that expresses your businesses unique style.

Get into the Spirit

The month of December is the time to be festive so make sure your front desk, website and social media have a touch of holiday color. Potential clientele searching for your services will see your business as festive and fun.

Host an Open House

During the month of December plan an open house allowing current and potential clients to come and visit. This is a perfect opportunity to share information about the treatments you offer for those who are unsure how they can benefit from your specific form of therapy. Advertise an open invitation to your social media followers as well as other holistic business located in the area.

Attend Local Holiday Events

During the holiday season, you will likely receive a few holiday invitations for parties and other local events. These are prime networking opportunities to share your information about your business and passion. Review each invitation you receive and choose those that will allow you to meet potential clientele and other holistic wellness professionals.

Offer Special Discounts

Wellness business uses holiday marketing tactics to bring in additional clienteleNothing gets people motivated like a significant discount. Offer holiday season discounts to your existing clients and invite them to share the opportunity with their friends and family. Consider creating a well-branded and that your clients can share on their social media pages. For an extra incentive, offer your clients an additional discount if they refer someone who comes in for treatment or class!

Use Client Testimonials

Incorporate testimonials from current and past clients to boost your wellness business and attract new clients. Gather testimonials from your HealingRadius account and share them on your website or place them in information material like brochures or newsletters. The holiday season is a stressful time for everyone so sharing your clients stress relieving experience can help to build your clientele.

Make Scheduling Easy

Let’s face it the holiday season is a hectic time for all involved. Make it a little easier for your clients to sign up for classes by allowing online booking and payment. With HealingRadiusPro your clients can sign up and pay all online while you can track all activity from any connected device. This holiday season makes it easy for your clients and yourself.

Optimize Any Downtime

Instead of worrying about the holiday slumps use this as an opportunity to plan your business strategy for next year. Organize your contact lists, plan your marketing tactics, and hit the ground running when the season ends.


The holiday season is challenging for integrative business. However, by finding a way to make the most of the last two months of the year you will expand your clients base and build better relationships with loyal clients.


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