How Can You Prepare for the AHNA 2017 Augusta Conference

Holistic professional attending the AHNA conference

November 3rd the American Holistic Nurses Association will be hosting their Augusta Georgia Regional Conference. The theme for this year’s conference will be Holistic Self-Care: Your Secret Power for Enhancing Patient Care. This annual event will be housed at the Augusta University Alumni Center. Conferences are an amazing way to network and learn valuable information for your wellness business. However, it is imperative to prepare before attending, so you are not scrambling at the last minute or worst, while you are there.

Below are five ways to prepare for the AHNA 2017 Augusta Conference that can help you get the very most out of your experience.

How to Prepare for the AHNA Augusta Conference:

Prepare Yourself Mentally for the Experience

Spend the next week tying up any loose ends, completing time-sensitive tasks or projects so you can attend the conference with a clear mind and focus on making the most out of the opportunity.

Leaving your business can be slightly nerve racking but focus on the learning experiences and new like-minded people you will encounter. Spend your preparation time reading positive and motivational content and download inspiration podcasts for your drive.

Simply put, adjust your mindset to set yourself up for a meaningful and enjoyable experience. Smile, be polite, and join in on discussions!

Organize All Travel Documents

Gather all of your travel documents such as flight arrangements, hotel confirmation numbers, and place them in a secure location so you will not leave anything behind. By organizing your information, you will gain a great perspective of your overall travel arrangements.

Download organizational applications on your mobile device to help stay organized or later find restaurants near the alumni center.

Networking, Networking, NETWORKING

The primary objective of attending this conference is to meet colleagues, speakers, presenters and engage in a meaningful conversation. Be confident in your business practices so you can have great conversations and hopefully leave a lasting impression.

Before the conference research specific people you want to meet, read their blogs, websites, social media accounts, and learn as much as possible about them. This will make it easier to connect with that individual and will open the door to a lasting relationship.

Spread the Word

While you are networking with different individuals, it is essential to prepare your businesses information. You should have your business card ready to go without a second thought. Plus, your business card and all other promotional material should be branded in such a way your business can be easily recognized and distinguishable.

If you have not already prepared an elevator speech, stop what you are doing and write one right now! We can not stress the importance of delivering a clear concise, quick, moving, and memorable elevator speech to introduce yourself and your business.

The Bare Necessities

The day before your trip make a checklist of the batteries, chargers, cords, and any technology you plan to carry with you. Pay close attention to battery life on different devices you continuously use and be sure they recharged before entering the conference. Thankfully most conferences will have a charging stations or outlet; however, you do not want to spend your time plugged into a wall.

The AHNA 2017 Augusta Conference is a golden opportunity to meet influential leaders within the holistic comment! Be prepared, have fun and make the most out of this chance by preparing yourself. Make a lasting impression, network with leaders, create new relationships, and learn valuable information by attending AHNA’s vast array of exciting workshops and panels.

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