4 Expert Tips to Increase Revenue During National Yoga Month

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National Yoga Month is coming up in September which means it’s the perfect time to expand your reach, bring in new students, and increase your revenue as a yoga teacher or studio owner. Here are four tips from the experts for growing your business during the month of yoga awareness!


If You’re Just Starting Out, Keep it Small

I’ve you’ve just gotten your yoga teacher certification and have big dreams on the horizon of owning a thriving yoga studio, that’s amazing! But the key to meeting those big dreams is starting out small.

“My advice is: don’t open a yoga studio,” Alison West, former director of yoga advocacy group, Yoga for New York, and owner of the studio Yoga Union, advises. She says this after seeing teachers graduate from training with the dream of opening a studio while, more and more, students want the best (a.k.a. lowest) deal possible. This can present some stressful problems when owning and running a studio represents about half of the owner’s income.

First, work on building your clientele. Many national gym chains are adding more and more yoga classes clients can incorporate into gym membership packages. Working here and/or in various local studios can help you build a strong student base while guaranteeing consistent income. Then, once you’ve saved up and have students you know will fill your classes, begin looking into opening a studio.


Offer New Classes or Workshops

If you’re already the owner of an established studio, it might be time to switch up the schedule a bit and add new classes or workshops to re-inspire your students’ practices. You can use National Yoga Month to see what works – if a new class will bring in enough new students or if a change in time boosts another class’s attendance.

You can also take this opportunity to offer more in-depth workshops for students wanting to deepen their practice or focus on specific poses or areas of the body. Not sure where to start? Here are ten creative themes for yoga workshops from E-RYT 200 yoga teacher and entrepreneur, Jody Ford to try and offer this National Yoga Month.


Or Offer Up Discounts & Specials

With the publicity around National Yoga Month, a lot of potential new students are going to be looking into trying out a class. And since we’ve already established most people are looking for the best deal, now’s the perfect time to offer “new student specials” and discount packages on your classes. Once your new students see how beneficial yoga is to their lives, a small increase in yoga class prices shouldn’t deter them from continuing to see you long after September.


Sign Up for HealingRadiusPro

If you haven’t already signed up for HealingRadiusPro, what are you even doing here? Just kidding, of course, and we may be a little biased, but HealingRadiusPro is a great business management tool you can use to increase class sizes at your yoga studio. Simply list your business and class schedule on HealingRadiusPro and potential students can sign up and even pay for classes over at HealingRadius!

So if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up today for the best National Yoga Month ever!

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