Reiki Practitioners: Extend Your Reach with HealingRadiusPro

You’ve discovered the healing powers of Reiki. Not only that, you’ve deepened your knowledge of the Japanese healing technique, trained with Reiki Masters, and are ready to heal others with what you’ve learned. So where do you start?

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Reach More, Heal More

Once you’re ready to share your Reiki practice with those ailing in your community, it’s easy to want to jump right in: posting fliers everywhere, making business propositions to healing centers, maybe even yelling to the streets, “Hey! I can help you! Yes, you!” It’s not rocket science: the more clients you can find, the farther your reach, the more healing you can do.


How HealingRadiusPro Extends Your Reach

When you’re ready to present yourself as a Reiki practitioner, it’s time to create your free HealingRadiusPro account! While you may choose to market yourself in other ways, HealingRadiusPro is set up to be your business’s center hub; you can handle everything with your account: appointments, payments, and even staff management if you grow to own a Reiki center with multiple masters and practitioners.

With your HealingRadiusPro account, you can also keep track of all your contacts: clients, fellow Reiki practitioners, and your business contacts can be easily organized in your Address Book. With all of your contacts and your schedule in one place, you’re less likely to miss appointments or over-book, two scheduling faux pas that are important to keeping your clients.

And when you create your account with HealingRadiusPro, those seeking healing will be able to see your services when they search Reiki with HealingRadius. If you update your profile with all the conditions your Reiki practice works to heal, when potential clients search for those conditions on HealingRadius, your information will come up too! And if you enter your available schedule, clients and potential clients can sign up and pay for a Reiki session on HealingRadius and your schedule in your HealingRadiusPro calendar will automatically update to confirm the appointment.


Try HealingRadiusPro Today!

There’s no time like the present to extend your healing reach! These are just a few of the ways HealingRadiusPro can help you find more clients, so sign up for your FREE HealingRadiusPro account to start sharing your Reiki healing today!


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