Getting Rid Of Insomnia For Good

You know what can really ruin a day before it even starts? Insomnia! As you toss and turn without relief, you can start to worry about how tired you’re going to feel tomorrow and how the hours will drag. Don’t get caught up in this trap. Learn how to beat insomnia to get a great night sleep! A few simple changes to your daily routine will have you snoozing through the night before you know it.

How To Beat Insomnia

HTFIA big factor that keeps people up all hours of the night is stress and anxiety, so eliminating those can really get your off to a good and relaxing start. Adding a little exercise to your daily routine will help you remove the stress and tension from your muscles. It will also help you clear your mind, so instead of laying awake thinking about something your coworker said or about a big report you have due soon you’ll drift off to dreamland.

You don’t need to start some big exercise routine and join a gym. As little as 10 minutes of exercise a day will make a difference. Try simply taking a walk around the block a few nights a week. As your blood gets pumping your body will release endorphins to make you feel happy and relaxed.

Speaking of relaxing, have you ever considered yoga? Not only does it work your muscles, but it has soothing music and a variety of breathing techniques to help you calm down and clear your mind. You can even learn some before bedtime poses and incorporate a few of the breathing techniques into a soothing bedtime routine.

Get a power down hour which is different from a power hour in a traditional sense because it’s relaxing. An hour before bed put the stimulating phone games and bright screens away to relax with a book or a warm glass of caffeine free tea to wind down with.

In order to adopt a power down hour you’ll need to actually get into a routine. Even if you don’t like schedules, especially when it comes to trying to wake up in order you get to work on time, your body loves them. Once your body clock gets used to a daily bedtime you’ll slip into a nice sleep routine. Keeping the routine on the weekend will help your body a lot too.

Sleeping-ManSome people suggest taking melatonin and other sleeping aids to knock out insomnia, but even though melatonin is all natural, you can easily become dependent on it. Then trying to sleep without them becomes impossible! Plus, sleeping pills can really make you feel drowsy the next morning.

Remember to never overeat or over drink before bedtime. Doing so will put your digestive system at work, and you’ll be woken up with urges to run to the bathroom or with a tummy ache. It’s especially important to avoid spicy foods or take the proper antacids to avoid waking up with uncomfortable heartburn or acid reflux.

Alcohol before bed should be avoided as well. It’s a stimulant, causes restless sleep, and will make you need to hit the bathroom. It’s pretty much the opposite of a sleep aid because even if it makes you pass out you’ll make up in the middle of the night or early morning feeling worse than before!

Sweet Dreams

Just take a little time in your busy schedule to relax and clear your mind. A little extra movement during your day will really help your body out in more ways than one. Also, be mindful of what you’re eating and drinking close to bedtime and know when to put down the electronics. As a result, you’ll have a flawless sleeping schedule in no time.

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