Should Sugar Filled Fruit Be Avoided?


When we diet we hear about tons of different health techniques. We here about how all of our meals should be liquid, or we need to stick to eating only baby food. People back these trends with almost a religious following.

Before you know it you may be trying something like the cabbage soup diet, where you only eat cabbage soup with a few other veggies, without researching its effects or nutritional value. Before trying something new be sure to ask your doctor first and really put in your research to learn about it.  

Recently we’ve heard that for a good diet fruit should be avoided for its sugar and carbs, so we decided to dive in and research this notion for ourselves.

Should Fruit Be Avoided?

These answer to this question is really simple. No, fruit should not be avoided. Although, yes sugar is bad, but sugar is bad when it’s refined and added to snacks like cookies and sodas that are full of empty calories.

Too much sugar from overloaded snacks and drinks can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, and more. To make matter worse, it’s totally addicting. However, the key words are ‘too much’. With the convenient ‘food like’ snacks available to us today and tempting juices, lattes, and more it’s extremely easy to eat too much sugar with every meal.

Fruit actually contains a very small amount of natural sugar and fructose that doesn’t overload your system when digested. To get too much sugar from fruit you would have to eat a ton! So, as long as you aren’t eating to excess, it’s fine. A bottle of soda has around 77 grams of sugar while an apple has about 11 grams.

Plus, even though fruit has a little sugar, it has a lot of good stuff in it too. Fruit has electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water. These are all great things that fuel our minds and bodies. The fiber in fruit slows digestion and keeps us full longer to prevent overeating. It also helps to fight obesity.

When you want a healthy snack fruit is extremely convenient to carry with you anywhere and involves little to no prep work. FruitLady

Some people want to avoid fruit because of carbs. For diets like the low ketogenic diet that involves going super low carb to train your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbs can be thrown off by one piece of fruit.

But carbs are actually a great source of energy to fuel our bodies for a great workout. Also, there are good carbs and refined carbs. Refined carbs in sodas and white bread are processed by our bodies quickly, leading to blood sugar spikes and feeling hungry again right after eating.

Good carbs or complex carbs found in fruit take your body longer to digest, helping you stay full longer. The energy from complex carbs actually helps to boost your metabolism and contain filling fiber to help with digestion.

When it comes down to it, nothing should be completely cut out or avoided except for sugary sodas and a few extra refined carb loaded sugary desserts. The key to diet success is healthier choices and moderation. Plus, fruit and whole grains actually do your body good and provide nutrition and energy!

When you cut something totally out you have a higher chance of relapsing and binge eating, so just be mindful of what you’re eating and how much you’re eating to make healthier choices and to build a long-lasting, healthier diet over time.

Fruit is Your Friend!

Fruit may have sugar and carbs, but it’s nothing compared to other snacks. Plus the sugar isn’t refined and the carbs are complex, helping you feel full and energized. Don’t hesitate to pick an apple over a donut, or a banana over a candy bar!

For more health tips visit HealingRadiusPro and please share your thoughts about fruit when it comes to dieting in the comment section below.

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