Professionally Manage Your Alternative Health Staff


Wrangling your staff can be similar to rounding up a flock of geese because chaos can ensue while you try to keep everyone organized. Before you know it everyone is squawking and trying to fly off before you can complete the schedule. There has to be an easier way! Well, luckily for you, there is. Check out how easy it is to organize your staff with HealingRadiusPro. 


In case you haven’t heard already, HealingRadiusPro is the ultimate business management solution specifically designed for health and wellness professionals in order to simplify managing their entire business online with time-saving features for online scheduling, online payments, contact management, staff management, and more.

Staff Management With HealingRadiusPro

HealingRadiusPro is a cloud-based database where you can easily store all of your staff’s information in one convenient location to keep your team organized. Plus, the process of adding your team to HealingRadiusPro is easy. All of your staff members can be uploaded at once with a CSV or Excel file. We even provide an Excel template you can use. Also, individual staff members can be added as they join the team.

You can then quickly access your entire staff in your HealingRadiusPro account under the Employees tab. Everyone will have their own profile where you can enter their contact information. If you ever need to reach any employees HealingRadiusPro will have their information ready for you to find in a matter of seconds.

Also, on their profiles, you can upload your staff’s photos and color code them based off of which department they work under. For example, your marketing team can have blue profiles and your therapists can have purple ones. This makes it easy to keep your teams organized while adding different team members to the schedule.plfhr

Speaking of schedules, you can add your staff’s availability to their profiles, so you can easily reference it while making the schedule. Having this information readily available will help you cut down on scheduling mistakes and double booking a shift. You’ll also see their scheduled appointments, time-off requests, and your dashboard will display who has the day off.

The profiles also serve as a place for you to keep up with the personal details about each of your staff members. For example, you can add any conditions that they have, tax information such as if they’re a W-2 or 1099 employee, and their salary information.

When you sign up for HealingRadiusPro you get an online profile for, the alternative health search site, where you can list information about your business. In your employee’s profile if they are’ a specialist or instructor you can add details to feature them on your HealingRadius profile. This way you can showcase your professionals and their information might persuade more clients to choose your center.

Best of all, HealingRadiusPro is 100% mobile, meaning you don’t have to be near a computer to check on your staff. Simply download the free HealingRadiusPro app on your smartphone or tablet to view your staff’s information at any time, from any location.

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Why wait? HealingRadiusPro is completely free! Create your free account now to see how easy it can be to save time while managing your staff. Take the hassle out of creating schedules, remembering time off requests, and more! Plus, you can take advantage of HealingRadiusPro’s innovative features for online appointment booking, scheduling, reviews and comments, and more!

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