Common Gym Mistakes To Avoid

You want to go to the gym, but what happens if you mess up? Will the body builders or perfectly toned people laugh at you? Probably not, because they’re there to focus on their own goals, and respect those working out around them. However, gym mistakes can be made on occasion, so we put a list what not to do at the gym together.

Avoid These Gym mistakes

Letting Intimidation Win CGMTA

The first mistake is not even going to the gym because you feel intimidated. Sure the meat heads with big muscles and the skinny people with perfectly toned bodies will be there, but so will all sorts of people with different shapes and sizes. You can’t compare yourself to other people, you should be there for your own personal goals. Plus, other people are there to work on their bodies, just like you.

Not asking questions

If you’re a beginner don’t let that stop you, however, it’s important to ask questions. If you don’t know how to adjust a machine ask someone for help. The body builder you always see will be more than happy to help out. Also, if you don’t know the proper technique for lifting, squatting, or more, ask a trainer. They’re paid to assist you. Failing to adjust a machine to your size or the wrong form can lead to injuries!

Failure to Plan

If you head to the gym without an idea of what you want to do then you could find yourself being indecisive or wasting time. You may do random machines for different areas of your bod instead of one core group. Remember that both cardio and weightlifting are important, and make a plan ahead of time. Also, have a goal. Instead of blindly working out, think about what you want to achieve for your body.

Doing Too Much Too Fast gmg

Slow down! Don’t hurt yourself with 15 reps with too much weight during the first week. See where your strength is and go from there. Your goals have to be realistic. If you want to lift a certain amount then it will take time to build enough muscle to get there. Also, fat loss takes time and patience. The key to losing weight is to stay motivated and to not give up on your goals over time.

Getting Stuck In A Routine

If you fall into doing the same workouts, like the same cardio plan, and the same machines with the same reps and the same amount of weight every time then you will fail to see results. You might even become bored and stop going! Switch things up by researching new types of exercises and activities you can add to your routine. 

Being Rude

It’s true, at the gym you should get into your zone, but remember that gyms are a public space, where other people are trying to be in their zone too, so be respectful. If you’re sweaty wipe down the machines you use with the provided cleaning spray. If you have a phone call take it outside if it lasts more than a few minutes, instead of yammering on loudly beside the weights. Also, put any equipment that you use back where it belongs. A clean gym is a happy gym.

Get In There And Do Your Gym Thing

If you want to burn fat, build muscle, or both, then a gym can be a great place to reach your goals. Don’t be intimidated and don’t be afraid to ask questions to educate yourself about the proper techniques and how the different machines work. Also, be respectful of those trying to reach their goals around you. You’ll start seeing results before you know it.

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