12 Reasons Proving Yoga Is The Ultimate Workout

When considering fitness routines or activities you probably think about the typical things like running or joining a gym. Then you might get weighed down by the amount of stress that stuff puts on your body and the intensity levels of working out. Maybe you feel sad because you don’t wanna be stuck inside of a dark, windowless gym. That’s when you should consider yoga, the ultimate workout instead. We actually have 12 reasons why yoga is the ultimate workout.

Why Yoga is the Ultimate Workout

  1. Yoga isn’t just a workoutYITUW

It’s great way to stretch your muscles and ligaments, to relieve tightness. In fact, yoga is so good for your flexibility that it increases your range of motion, so your flexibility will literally be taken to new levels. You’ll love how loose your muscles feel after a yoga class, trust us!

  1. Yoga isn’t a fad

Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years! It began in India and spread to the rest of the world over time. It’s respected as an art and isn’t brushed off as the current crazy weight loss trend. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the insane trends that have disappeared: Parkour, running backwards, twerking classes, vibrating belts, toning shoes, and more. RIP!

  1. Yoga is also for your mind

Instead of the random mess of things you think about while doing cardio, with yoga you focus on your breathing to clear your mind. It’s extremely relaxing and calming, leaving you feeling refreshed after your workout.

  1. This workout works all of your core muscles

Want to turn flab to abs? Then try yoga. Many of the poses involve using your core muscles to hold yourself up, strengthening and toning them during the process. Say goodbye to big guts and love handles.

  1. The stretches relieve pain YEIP

Do you sit a lot? Probably, it’s hard to find a job that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk for a few hours a day, and that hurts our backs. Luckily yoga stretches are good for backs and can relieve aches and pains. Yoga also relieves pain associated with arthritis.

  1.  Yoga is a full-body workout the tones the muscles

You’ll build lean muscle mass in your core, arms, butt, and legs for a lean toned look. Plus, as your core gets stronger your posture will improve. A good posture is pretty attractive too!

  1. It’s easy for beginners of all ages.

Are you 14? Are you 98? Are you somewhere in between? Well then check out yoga. Even though if you’re closer to 98 then you should probably check with your doctor first. Don’t feel intimidated, your yoga instructor will guide you through the class. Yoga is referred to a practice because you’re literally practicing it. There is no aspect of competition.

  1. You don’t have to be stuck in a stuffy old gym

You can literally practice yoga anywhere. By the pool, in your living room, on the roof, while awkwardly standing too close a stranger, etc. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Yoga can prevent future injuriesyogaoutside

By strengthening and stretching your muscles, ligaments, and tendons your body will be able to handle the impact from more intense workouts better.

  1. Yoga relieves anxiety, depression, and stress

By focusing on your breathing and relaxing serotonin is released in your body to improve mood regulation and fight depression. It also helps body functions like sleeping, eating, and digestion.

  1. It’s a super workout even though it feels like a relaxing activity instead

As you stretch and bend into different positions you will be building your strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, adding greatness to your body all around.

Try Yoga For Yourself!

Why wait? Find a beginners yoga class near you and get started today to see how the art of practicing yoga can improve your body and mind. Before you know it you won’t believe how much better you feel with lean, toned muscles and a balanced mind. For more health tips visit HealingRadiusPro.com and please tell us why you love yoga in the comment section below. 

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