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We know that handling a staff involves a lot of time and work. You have to create schedules, remember everyone’s personal details, keep up with their sick days, time off requests, and more. Sometimes even the top HR professionals need an assistant to keep up with everyone on the team.

As a health and wellness professional, you have enough on your plate, that’s why HealingRadiusPro has made it incredibly simple to manage your staff online.

Your Staff Management Solution

HealingRadiusPro is the complete business management solution that’s specifically designed for health and wellness professionals. It’s 100% free to use and will help you save time while efficiently managing every aspect of your business. HealingRadiusPro provides tons of innovative features for online appointment scheduling, online class booking, online payments, staff management, and more.

Staff Management With HealingRadiusPro

First, it’s important that we mention that HealingRadiusPro is completely mobile. You can download the free HealingRadiusPro app to any smartphone or tablet to check in on your business at any time from any location.

Now HealingRadiusPro is essentially an online database for your business. It provides one convenient location for you to store all of your information, including details about your staff. You can upload all of your staff members to your account at once with an excel or CSV file. Also, you can add new staff members one at a time as they join your team. LadyPhone

Each staff member will have their own profile where you can add notes and details, such as their contact information and preferences. For example, you can list that Jennifer prefers to be called Jen.

By having all of your staff member’s information in one place you can quickly search for and pull up their contact information instantly to call or send them an important email. 

Each profile is completely customizable so you can keep your team organized based off of your preferences. You can upload each of your staff member’s photos and add their duties and titles to their profiles. Plus, you can even color code each profile. Everyone on your office staff can have a purple profile and all of your therapists can have green ones. The possibilities are endless.

Making your schedule and keeping up with your employees has never been easier than with HealingRadiusPro because it allows you to see everyone’s availability and time off requests at once. Scheduling with HealingRadiusPro will help you prevent double booking a shift, and will cut down on scheduling employees when they can’t work. Plus, you’ll quickly complete your schedule in a matter of minutes.

You can also use HealingRadiusPro to assign tasks to your team to complete. By giving them their individual login information they can log on and see their daily tasks. You can even allow your trusted employees to create your schedule and assign tasks for you.

Get Started With HealingRadiusPro

Managing your staff doesn’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming hassle. Use HealingRadiusPro to quickly and easily organize your staff to make managing your team incredibly convenient.

All you have to do is create your free HealingRadiusPro account to get started, then you’ll be able to instantly take advantage of their incredible online business management features!

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