Nature Provides All Natural Anxiety Relief


Have you ever noticed that you feel happier during the more mild season when it’s not too hot or too cold to enjoy some outdoor activities? Or maybe you’re happiest during the summer when you get to enjoy a trip to the mountains or the beach. That might be because when you’re outdoors nature is involved, which naturally boosts our moods and relieves our anxiety.

Nature For All Natural Anxiety Relief

Those guys in the robes, the monks who suggest finding your inner chi and becoming one with nature might be onto something because nature has healing properties that are good for your mind, body, and soul.

Our environments affect our moods a lot. Everything we touch, see, hear, and smell has an impact, so when we’re stuck in the office, or the crowded city we can get a little anxious and stressed out.

Haven’t you ever noticed that when you feel soft grass beneath your feet or smell the scent of fresh flowers your mood increases? Even simply thinking about nature makes us relax, but how exactly does it do it?

Happy-FamilyFirst of all, nature is full of fresh air. Literally, because leaves actually clean the air. They filter out the toxins and smog to produce clean, crisp air that smells better than polluted city air. I think we can all agree that we feel better when we smell something pleasant instead of stinky.

The beauty in nature has abstract edges. Plants and animals don’t have man-made symmetry. That’s why we get lost in their beauty. The shapes seen in nature stimulate creative thinking so we become inspired, and our minds let the stress from the office or whatever is bothering us go for awhile. As a result, we get a chance to calm down as our stress, depression, and anxiety leaves the body.

Something about nature draws us in, it captures our attention. ADHD sufferers often have increased amounts of focus after spending more time in nature.

When people are out in nature they often run into other people walking the trails or visiting parks and say hello. Instead of being home alone they’re out getting a sense of belonging by being social and connecting with others who also enjoy being outdoors. This provides people with a confident, natural high.

You know what’s outside? The sunshine, which reaches down to give us warm hug. It gives us vitamin D, which fights weight gain, depression, high blood pressure, helps calcium build strong bones, and more. Sunlight also boosts white blood cells to strengthen our immune system and fights Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, which causes people to become depressed without sunlight as the seasons grow darker. To fight SAD in the fall and winter try to get outside for at least 15 minutes a day.

When we go to the park or around the block, we’re usually walking and walking comes with a number of benefits. Walking improves circulation to lower high blood pressure and stress, burns fat, relieves insomnia, and strengthens muscles.Hiker

By getting your muscles moving you’ll relieve the tension in them. Also, walking causes your body to produce pain relieving endorphins that boost your mood and relieve anxiety.

If you just don’t have time to take a daily walk through a park or down the street every day you can improve your mood and relieve anxiety by placing plants around your home and office. They’ll clean the air around the space and provide you with something relaxing to look at.

Even by simply looking at photos of nature you can feel calmer, so try putting images of nature on your computer background and screen saver.

Get Out There

Why wait? Spring is here and temperatures are warming up. Go for a walk and soak up some sun to enjoy the all natural anxiety relief and mood boosting qualities that nature has to provide. For more health tips visit and share your thoughts about nature and anxiety relief in the comment section below.

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