All The Baaah About Goat Yoga


The world is full of hot trends. Cat videos, goat videos, and internet challenges fill up our social media feeds, then in the health worlds we hear about apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. Now there is a new trend sweeping the nation that involves cuddly goats, wine tasting, and yoga. Since this trend includes 3 of our favorite things we hope it’s going to stick around for a while. HealingRadiusPro is proud to present Goat Yoga!

What’s Goat Yoga?

Goat yoga is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the art of practicing yoga around cuddly goats. This is an idea that may seem weird at first, but little goats are actually adorable, enjoy a nice snuggle, and are fun to be around. In some cases, the goats are brought into the studio, and in other cases, people are flocking to farms to be in the goat’s natural environment.Goats

While you adjust your body to hold certain poses you may be greeted by a friendly critter looking to be petted. Also, the goats may actually climb on your back, or curl up beside you for a nap. Yoga goats have no problem getting up close and personal.

You may be wondering what in the world animals have to do with yoga but you have to remember what yoga is all about, which is connecting with nature and becoming one with the universe. What better way is there to connect with nature than by having it come up to greet you?

Really, goat yoga combines two different therapies in one to leave you feeling joyful and relaxed. As you take part in the practice of yoga you focus on your breathing and think about the poses you twist your body into, which gets stress, anxiety, and what’s bothering you off of your mind.

As you work your muscles and your circulation gets moving your immune system is boosted and tension leaves the body. Most people enjoy yoga for the pain relief it provides and it also helps to strengthen muscles. They leave their session feeling relaxed and pain-free.

The other therapy that goat yoga includes is animal assisted therapy. Animals help people build positive relationships and build confidence. The bond between people and animals help to relieve social distress and depression.

Plus, we’re sure you’ve come home after a long hard day, only to have your beloved pet greet you with a sense of understanding about your bad mood to cheer you up. Pets, including goats, can emotionally connect with people in ways that other people can’t. handsome

When you’re at goat yoga and the goats start to do their goat things like bahing, jumping, and standing on people’s backs you’ll start to laugh and smile. It’s really hard to think about what’s bothering you when an adorable goat is running the show!

Best of all, some goat yoga session even have a wine tasting afterward, so you have the option in indulging in a relaxing glass or two. A little wine is good for your heart, immune system, soul, and more. Plus, it might give you the confidence to introduce yourself to a baby goat for a good cuddle session.

Are You Going To Goat Yoga?

This may be a quickly passing trend, and it might be a new work out that sticks around. Either way, we think goat yoga is worth a try. It’s a new and exciting way to introduce people to yoga and adorable little goats. You better sign up quick, because classes are selling out in the blink of an eye!

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