Why You Need To Meal Prep


When it comes to getting healthy and fit there are a lot of questions that arise like, when will I go to the gym? What do I eat? Do I have time to cook something healthy every night? What’s a healthy lunch? All of these questions can be overwhelming to the point of hiding under a blanket with your favorite fast food combo. However, you can easily eat extremely healthy, save time, and answer all of your unknowns by meal prepping.

Why You Should Be Meal Prepping

Meal prepping isn’t just for bodybuilders and Instagram likes, it’s to help you learn how to eat healthy while saving money and time!

By meal prepping you’ll make nutritious meals for the week that are clean and healthy. Maybe even after just day one, you’ll feel the nutrition healing your body and making your immune system stronger.

Not only will you fill the nutrients, by meal prepping provides you with tons of all-natural sources of protein. From boiled eggs, baked chicken breast, beans, veggies, and more you’ll have tons of added protein to your diet and can put the shakes filled with unhealthy fillers and chemicals away.

With more nutrients and protein you’ll have more energy, and energy that’s more steady. Carbs and sugar tend to mess with your blood sugar and make you crash, but when you cut back on them then your blood sugar stabilizes. You can get so much more done without that mid-morning and afternoon crash.

Once you pick a day and make all of your meals then you’ll have healthy options put in front of you. Could you really with a clear conscious forget about your spicy chicken with black beans and broccoli to go pick up a burger and fries? After a few days, fast food won’t even be appealing and you’ll be excited.

Plus, you’ll save money. On average a pound of chicken is about $6 and can feed you for days. How much does your favorite fast food combo cost? Now total that up with your second favorite and all the other unhealthy snacks you buy during the week.

By going to the store with your meal prep list and sticking to it you’ll avoid grabbing chips, soda, and all that unhealthy stuff that made your waistline increase in the first place. After breaking free of temptation you may not even crave these bad items anymore.

Fat seems to melt off when people start to meal prep because once they eliminate fast food, unhealthy, snacks, soda, and candy their body thanks them by getting rid of unhealthy fat.

You generally cook everything you buy with food prepping, eliminating the guilt that’s associated with buying healthy food and never cooking it. Also, you’ll cut down on having funky smells on your fridge and finding containers of rotten food to throw away.

When you’ve had a bad day at the office and then hit traffic on the way home, that pushes your gym schedule back by 30 minutes it can be hard to stay motivated to even go. However, it helps to have dinner all figured out. You’ll have a delicious meal that you can pop in the microwave and enjoy.

People often learn portion control while meal prepping to help prevent them from under or over eating. Everything you need will be measured out for you in advance, so you can simply eat no less and no more.

Meal prepping isn’t a boring adventure filled with eating the same old things over and over. Sure, you may eat the same things for a few days in a road, but there are actually tons of meats and veggies to explore. You can add a new vegetable each week, you can mix things up with different spices. You can experiment with different cuts of meat and how you prepare them. If you love cooking then meal prepping could be the exciting adventure you need to get out of your recipe rut.

Your meal prep day, whether it’s Sunday, Wednesday, or Friday night helps you prepare yourself to make healthy choices for the week. It commits you to living and eating healthy. While cooking people often think about their gym routine for the week and make a plan they enjoy sticking to.

Remember, you don’t have to religiously stick to meal prepping. There’s room for cheat days and meals here and there, just plan when you want to cheat in advance. Also, dark chocolate is a healthy option to help you quickly banish cravings for something sweet.

Eat and Live Healthy!

Meal prepping is an easy way to help you get your diet and workout routine on track. It helps you learn how to eat healthily, add more nutrients to your diets, get in the right mindset to have a healthy week, and more! So, why not try it?

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