How Yoga Instructors Manage Online Payments


As a yoga instructor, you’re seen as a wise member of society that’s filled with the secret relaxation techniques to help us become stronger, more flexible, and connected with our inner chi. You must be extremely relaxed unless the hassles of running your own studio have you stressed out. Stay zen with the help of HealingRadiusPro, especially when it comes to online payments.


HealingRadiusPro is the free to use business management solution that’s specifically designed for health and wellness professionals. Once you create your free account you’ll see how their innovative features for online payments, online booking, staff management, and more will help you save time while efficiently managing your entire business.

Yoga and Online Payments

Yoga is a calm, peaceful activity that can be thrown off when you have to track a student down for their payment or when someone needs to pay at the front desk before class, and often get slowed down or become late as a result.

HealingRadiusPro cuts the headache out of the payment process by allowing students to pay for their classes online. Each student will be able to see your online calendar, where you can add, edit, or remove classes at any time.

Yogi-lady-When students book your class they will be able to instantly pay for it right then and there, online. This way they don’t have to worry about paying when they arrive and you don’t have to hunt them down for payment. You’ll also receive a notification every time a student books or cancels a class online, so you’ll know how many students to expect.

Students can also select how they’ll pay when they arrive based off of the payment methods you accept. A few payment options include cash, check, debit, credit, or through their insurance provider. This way you or your front desk personnel will know what to expect to speed up the payment and processing time when they arrive.

HealingRadiusPro is completely mobile, meaning you can take it with you anywhere to check in on your studio at any time. When a student makes an online payment you can instantly accept it right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, from any location. This allows you to cut out any waiting time to instantly get paid.

What Else Can HealingRadiusPro Do?

HealingRadiusPro serves as your personal assistant. You can check your dashboard every morning to see your upcoming schedule for the day, week, or more. It will list your class times along with the number of students who signed up for it online.

shutterstock_396024415You can also upload all of your contacts to HealingRadiusPro to keeps all of your staff members and contacts from regulars, leads, and vendors organized. Everyone will get their own profile for you to assign notes. For example, you can list special instructions for one of your students or details about a new hire for one of your staff members.

Anytime you need to get into contact with someone you can instantly search for a person’s name and number within the HealingRadiusPro app to pull it up in a matter of seconds. You’ll also have your staff’s information such as their schedules and time off requests in one convenient location.

Plus, the reviews and comments section provides a place for students to leave feedback about your class online. Good reviews will encourage new people to sign up for your class. You can also use this section to quickly answer questions about your class.

Try HealingRadiusPro Today

Sign up for your free HealingRadiusPro account to see how it can help you manage every single aspect of your business. You can instantly test out the time-saving features HealingRadiusPro to see how much easier managing your studio can be, especially when it comes to online payments.

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