Easy Last Minute Spring Body Exercises


Where did the time go? That spring break trip is just around the corner and our winter bodies aren’t exactly ready! However, it’s not time to cancel our trip, cover up, or join some fancy new gym. Instead, we can whip our bodies into spring shape with low maintenance, cost effective, gym-free activities.

Last Minute Spring Body Guide

It’s easy to integrate a little working out into your life to burn fat and tone up. All you have to do to get started is get moving. Just start walking anytime you can. Walk to tell your coworker something instead of emailing them, walk around a little at lunch, take the stairs, or take a walk around the block when you get home.

Walking is a great low-impact activity for those with tender knees. It burns fat and is actually recommended over running for its qualities to relieve stress and reduce the risk of diabetes. Plus, being out in the open air with the trees and the sunshine will boost your mood. 30 minutes of walking a day could burn the calories that need to go for your spring body.

hikeWhen you get good at walking and have built up your stamina and endurance you should go take a hike! Literally. Hiking involves all the regular motions of walking but has hilly terrains to walk up and down.

The hills that will have you walking up inclines will burn more calories than flat neighborhood terrain. To kick things up another notch add a backpack. Hiking while carrying a little extra weight will increase the amount of calories you burn even more.

Instead of getting on ellipticals and treadmills to cardio in place mix it up with a fun class like Zumba. Zumba is an easy-to-do full body workout that involves moving to fast beats. While you’re shaking it you’ll be shedding pounds.

Yoga is a class that not only burns calories but also boosts your mood and reduces stress. By using your body to hold yourself up and stay balanced in different poses you’ll improve your posture and build lean muscles. Yoga is the perfect alternative for those who want to slim down without bulking up.

Spring is a great time to join a team. Many club sports like kickball and softball are played in the spring while the weather is cooler. These sports will get you moving but generally, provide enough breaks for you to rest. Plus, by being a part of the team you’ll get to be social and feel obligated to come back instead of quitting.

You know how it’s super comfortable to just sit and watch tv? Well, snap out of it for your spring body! During the commercials get moving! There are simple activities like planks and pushups to work your arms, chest, stomach, and thighs that you can do during each break. Plus you can look at leg lifts and other toning exercises to work your glutes. There are a lot of leg activities that are low impact compared to squats.

YogaTake to the internet during this digital age. You can easily get a free workout app that gives you a routine to follow and you can use YouTube to stream workout videos to your smart tv or phone. Then you can listen to a knowledgeable workout instructor to whip your booty in shape from the comfort of your own home.

It’s time to add a little adventure to your life by saying yes. Help your friends move, volunteer to paint a house for habitat for humanity, go with your mom to pick out a tie for her housecat. No matter what the activity is, by getting ready for it and going to do it you’ll burn way more calories than you would have by simply staying home. Don’t worry Netflix will be there for you when you get back.

No matter what you do, we’re going to have to mention a scary word…’diet’. If you really want to get your body into spring shape then watch what you eat a little. Trade out fried chicken and fries for grilled chicken and broccoli. Try drinking coffee black, put down the dessert for a banana. We know the idea of dieting doesn’t sound fun, but it’s actually really easy to switch to a lower carb diet that cuts out sugar than you think. Then soon after your body will crave your healthy options like fruit and vegetables instead of sugar.

It’s Not Too Late For Your Spring Body

We aren’t sure about your individual workout goals, but there is still time to make a difference with your body before that spring vacation. Even if you don’t want to be stuck in the gym and prefer moderate, low-impact exercises simply moving a little and eating right will provide results.
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