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OMAWBYHBIn this digital age with free wifi available, people are constantly on the move. We aren’t stuck to computers anymore. However, with a constantly moving society we do need to take a break by taking advantage of the alternative health services you provide from acupuncture to yoga, and more.

Although we’re willing to bet that as a health center owner or independent therapist you’re on the go a lot too, so learn how you can save time and manage your business from any location with the HealingRadiusPro mobile app.


HealingRadiusPro is the 100% complete business management solution specifically designed for professionals in the alternative health industry. It has a ton of innovative features to help studio owners and independent therapists manage every aspect of their business. A few of the features include online scheduling, online payments, a comment and review sections, and so much more.

HealingRadiusPro Mobile

Break free from your office and manage your business anywhere right from your smartphone or tablet with the HealingRadiusPro app.

Once you create your free HealingRadiusPro account and download the free app you can instantly start managing your business. You’ll have access to an online calendar where you can add, edit, or remove classes or appointments at any time.

Students and patients will also have access to this calendar, and can instantly book sessions online. Once an appointment is booked you’ll receive a notification for it via email. If a patient cancels their appointment you’ll also be notified via email and can send a cancellation confirmation.

When a patient books their appointment they have the option to pay for it right then and there, online. Then you can accept that payment at any time, from any location to quickly transfer their payment to your account. That’s right, get that money, honey!

Patients can also select how they will pay when they arrive for their appointment when they arrive based off of the payment options you accept. A few of the options include cash, debit, credit, check, or through their insurance.

The HealingRadiusPro app is essentially a database for your business that conveniently keeps all of the information you need right at your fingertips. You can log in at any time to view your schedule for the day, week, or month.

The schedule includes class times, and the number of students expected to attend, along with their contact information.

If you need to contact a lead, regular patient, or new student you can search their name and bring up their phone number and email address in a matter of seconds.

HealingRadiusPro also organizes your staff. Each member can have a different color assigned to their profile based off of which team they’re on or their role. You’ll also have access to their schedules and time off requests to have the ability to create a schedule for them in a matter of minutes.

The comments and review section will allow your patients to leave reviews about your center as well as ask questions. You can then respond to reviews to manage claims and answer those questions right from the palm of your hand.

HealingRadiusPro is FREE

What are you waiting for?! Sign up for your free HealingRadiusPro account to instantly take advantage of their ground-breaking business management features. Break free from your desk and use the HealingRadiusPro mobile app to save time while managing your entire business from any location!

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