How Dance Instructors Manage Their Classes Online


Movement therapy is on the rise as an alternative health method that helps people relieve stress and anxiety. Instructors are doing great things to help their students pirouette their problems away, but running a business can be tricky. That’s why HealingRadiusPro is here to simplify the process.


HealingRadiusPro is your free to use personal assistant. It’s specifically designed to help health and wellness professionals save time and easily manage their entire business. It comes with a ton of innovative features for online scheduling, online booking, online payments, student management, and more.

Plus, HealingRadiusPro is completely mobile. Simply download the free app to your smartphone or tablet to have the freedom to check in on your business at any time from any location.

Class Management With HealingRadiusPro

When you sign up for HealingRadiusPro you can toss your appointment book out, because your entire schedule will be quick and easy to manage online. You can add, edit, or remove classes at any time.

Also, your students will be able to view your schedule online and can book your classes. When a class is booked you’ll receive a notification for it via email. You’ll also be notified if a student cancels and can send them a confirmation email.

Everything about your classes is totally customizable. For example, you can set the date and time for your class, as well as the student limit. You can also set a time limit on the number of time students have to book your class. Based off of your personal preferences students can only sign up for a class 24 hours before it starts or even up to 30 minutes before it starts.

HealingRadiusPro also helps you cut down on tracking down student payments because students can pay for your class online, right when they book it. Then you can instantly accept their payment from any location!

Students can also say how they will pay for your class online when they arrive based off of the payment methods you accept, so you’ll know what to expect. Payment options can include cash, credit, debit, check, or through the student’s insurance, and more.

Every day you can simply log on to your free HealingRadiusPro account and check your schedule for the day, week, or month. It will display your upcoming classes and the number of students who signed up for them, so you’ll know how many people to expect.

Plus, with HealingRadiusPro each of your students will have their own profiles where you can upload notes about them. Before class you can study up on your students to help you remember which are advanced, which are beginners, and who has special preferences.

The student profiles will also list their contact information which you can easily search for in a matter of seconds, so you can contact students to notify them of a class change, to check on them if they miss a class, and more.

Students can be uploaded to your HealingRadiusPro account quickly all at once with an excel or CSV file. They can also be added one at a time as new ones join your studio.

Get Started with HealingRadiusPro

Simply spend a few minutes creating your free HealingRadiusPro account in order to gain access to your total business management solution. Once you see how easy it is to take advantage of HealingRadiusPro’s groundbreaking features you’ll see how easy it is to save time while managing your entire business online!

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