Your Solution For Maintaining Health Records online Is Here


Is the paperwork starting to pile up in your office? All of your receipts, patient files, attendance records, and more can really add up, covering your desk from front to back. Does it take you a while to dig through everything to find the one document you’ve been looking for? Luckily there is a much easier way to handle all of your records with HealingRadiusPro.


HealingRadiusPro is the free-to-use online business management solution that’s specifically designed for health and wellness professionals in order to help them simplify managing and keeping track of every aspect of their alternative health businesses right from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

There are tons of innovative features for online appointment scheduling, online appointment booking, staff management, contact management, online payments, and more. See how managing your business online can boost your center today.

Electronic Scheduling With HealingRadiusPro

When you sign up with HealingRadisuPro you’ll gain access to an online calendar where you can keep track of your schedule with the ability to add, change, or cancel appointments or classes at any time from your phone, tablet, or computer. This eliminates the need to flip through your schedule book and make changes that you’ll have to keep up with.

Your clients will be able to access the calendar and book appointments online, without having to call in for your office personnel to make a note of it somewhere. You’ll also receive a notification via email every time an appointment is made or canceled.

Every morning all you have to do is log on to your free HealingRadiusPro account and you’ll see your daily schedule that lists your upcoming appointments and schedules.

Electronic Customer and Client Management

With HealingRadiousPro keeping up with your entire staff is easy, because all of their information is kept in one convenient location. You can pull up their contact information, view their time off requests, hours of availability, and more instantly. This way you can quickly make the schedule and complete other tasks without flipping through different staff files and records.

You’ll also have all of your contacts in one place to easily view their contact information, attendance records, patient history, outstanding payments, and more. This way you can read up on a patient before their appointment and track who you need to receive a payment from in a matter of seconds.

As an added bonus, it’s extremely easy to upload all of your staff members and contacts at once with a CSV or excel file. Also, you can add new members one at a time as they come along. Once your contacts are uploaded they can be sorted into groups such as leads, repeat patients, and more. Create any group based off of your personal preferences.

Electronic Payments

HealingRadiusPro provides a safe and secure way for clients to pay for their sessions online right when they book them. They can pay for their sessions with their PayPay, Stripe, or accounts instantly.

Then you can accept or authorize their payments at any time from any location. Plus, you can check their payment status online and keep track of their payment on their customer profile, so you won’t have to dig through records or receipts to keep up with your accounting information.

Clients can also choose how they will pay for their appointments when they arrive based off of the payment methods you accept, from cash, credit, debit, check or through their insurance provider. This way you can quickly check people in without rushing and worrying about their payment methods.

Sign Up Today

Why wait? Sign up for your free HealingRadiusPro account today to instantly take advantage of all of the intuitive, time-saving, business management features. Once you see how simple it is to manage your entire alternative health business online you’ll wonder how you ever did it without HealingRadiusPro.

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