Sugar Withdrawal: Keep Calm And Diet On


How is your new year’s resolution going? Are you sticking to your plan with dieting or hitting the gym? Are you still going strong or are you starting to hit a wall with the exhaustion that comes with exercising meal changes?

Most people aren’t aware of how sugar withdrawals can slow them down, especially after they ate more candy canes and slices of pie during the holiday season than they would like to admit. However, don’t give up, the weak feeling will pass and you’ll come out stronger than ever, and may not even look at holiday sweets the same ever again.

Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

Some of us have been eating sugar our entire lives, not because it’s just simply delicious, but because our body’s like it too. It’s like a drug that makes us feel warm inside with bursts of happy energy, but it doesn’t last. Soon we crash and go back for more of the sweet stuff.

To cut to the chase, when we cut off sugar from our bodies our systems start to freak out because your body will want more. However, don’t worry soon your body will realize that it’s better off on a high protein, diet with good sugars and fats.

When you stop eating sugar either cold turkey or gradually you might experience some mood swings. People often get anxiety, unmotivated, and depressed, or irritable. It might be good to tell your family and friends what you’re doing before they become concerned about your melancholy attitude or before you flip out when someone is eating an irresistible dessert near you.

Your body will start to crave sugar hardcore, you’ll feel the pull for it in your skin and might even dream about it. This might cause you to cave and binge on sugar instead. Stay away from the cookies and carb loaded food like pasta and fries because they’ll feed the addiction and put you back to square one.

As your body craves sugar you’ll feel sort of off, or maybe even bad with fevers, chills, and aches. You may think you have the flu and might want to go home and lay down to nap it off. You also might have migraines, that are especially noticeable if you’re giving up sugary beverages.

Sugar is a fuel, even though it’s a bad type of fuel, you’ll notice when it’s gone. You may feel a little weak and out of it, especially during your workouts. However, soon enough you’ll feel stronger during your routine and your body will start to burn energy from fat instead of sugar. 

How To Offset The Withdrawal Pain

Don’t quit, you can get passed your sugar addiction in as little as two weeks! Simply take a few steps to make the transition easier. For example, get rid of hidden sugar like in ‘fat-free’ yogurts with added processed sugar. Pick the yogurt with naturally occurring sugar instead and avoid salad dressings or coffee drinks that are loaded with tons of sugar or artificial sweeteners that could spark a craving.

Start the day off right with a high protein breakfast that includes whole grains to keep you full enough to give you the energy to walk right past the snacks in the breakroom. Berries with sugar-free oatmeal are a great way to start the day, along with boiled eggs.

Plan your snacks and meals in advance to give you no excuse to run out for something unhealthy on your break and eat a few smaller meals a day instead of three big ones. Also, take high protein snacks with you. Boiled eggs, avocado slices, or a bag of almonds with an apple provide a lot of energy and nutrition.

Drink pretty of fluids. Sometimes you may think you’re hungry when you’re dehydrated so water is the simple fix. Plus, plain coffee and various flavored green teas can help you feel full and put cravings at bay for a while.

Start on a weekend so if your mood and body suffer the withdrawal effects it won’t make your office life suffer, so you’ll know what to expect. If you start to get headaches take some migraine medicine with you in your bag.

Also, you can work it off. Keep exercising regularly to show your body that you can pull energy from other sources. Plus, working out naturally suppresses your appetite to get your mind off snacking for a while.

Don’t Give Up!

You can do it! Beat sugar so you can melt fat away. Sugar withdrawal symptoms vary in different people, but it’s a mind over matter thing. Face your sugar addictions with the right snacks and power on through. Soon enough, sugar won’t even tempt you.
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