Yoga: How To Keep It Classy After Getting Gassy


No matter how many times you hear ‘it’s natural. Everyone does it. Don’t worry about farting.,” it just doesn’t seem to stick. Farts are loud, farts smell, and they’re downright embarrassing. Chances are if you’re considering going to a yoga class then you’ve had the thought, “But what happens if I fart?” Don’t let that stop you! Follow our tips and tricks about how to handle gas at yoga instead.

Let it go  

In the words of Elsa, let it gooooo. Let it gooooooo! You just gotta let your gas fly. During yoga you’ll be moving and twisting in ways that puts pressure on your abs and butts that causes air to become displaced, meaning you may fart.

It’s natural and most yogis have an adult head on their shoulders and will ignore it. Feel the energy in the room, if you’re with a group of giggly people then make a joke, or laugh and say sorry. Chances are you won’t be the only one. If you’re in a serious room, continue on and ignore it, no one will say anything. Plus, if the room is full people won’t be able to tell that it’s you.

Cover it Up

If you still feel shy you can try to hide it, but honestly, it’s just better to feel comfortable with yourself and let it go. Even though you may want still want to hide it.

You can always do the cover up method with a fake cough, sneeze, or loud throat clearing, but that’s dangerous if you don’t know how long your toot will last. Another technique is to duplicate the noise by rubbing your feet across your mat and to blame it as the culprit.

Also, you can pick a class that plays music and pick a seat near the speaker. This way your bodily noises will be covered by the soothing rhythms. Just make sure that you can still hear your instructor to listen to his/her instructions.

Yoga involves the art of tensing and relaxing muscles in various different poses, so apply that to your rear. If you feel gas coming clench your butt and slowly unclench one cheek, so that the air coming out will be released slowly and quietly. This is actually a technique that you can apply to every area of your life.

Simply step outside for a minute. People have to leave yoga classes for reasons like needing to hit the water fountain, use the bathroom, take a phone call, etc. So, if you feel some gas coming on you can quickly and quietly exit the room, handle your gas in the hallway, then return. Just don’t leave during savasana or the corpse pose at the end of class, as that can be seen as insulting or disrespectful to the instructor and other students.

Prevent it

If you have a class coming up there are a few ways to avoid having gas, like avoid carbonated drinks because the CO2 in them usually makes people gassy. If sodas make you burp then usually they make air come out blew the deck as well.

Watch what you’re eating the day of class, since high-fiber foods are often gas causing culprits. A few of the most gas inducing foods include:








Whole Grains, and more.

Now we aren’t saying ban these foods forever, but on the day of class go easy on them, or wait until after class to enjoy high fiber fruits, vegetables, and sweets. You can eat them at lunch or breakfast if your class is late in the evening because that will give your body time to digest these items.

Watch out for gum! As you chew you’ll be sucking in tons of air, and once the air is trapped in your system then it was to fight its way back out!

Don’t eat or drink an hour before class. Food and water could end up getting tossed around, causing gas, belching, and nausea.

Do gas-relieving poses prior to class. There is actually a whole set of wind relieving poses to help you get rid of painful gas and bloating. One of the poses is even called the wind relieving pose! So, before class at home, in the bathroom, or in the classroom before everyone arrives do those poses to clear your system.

Seriously, just let it go!

Gas at yoga is no big deal. It may happen once a year, it may happen twice a week, it doesn’t matter. It’s hard to do yoga without passing gas, and it’s an all natural bodily process. Yoga is about strengthening your body while connecting with your inner chi and the process involves letting go of worldly frustrations, depression, and anxiety to be at peace. Gassy or not.

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