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Health and wellness professionals, are you ready for the big rush? Right now people are in the holiday trance, eating delicious sweets, ignoring that their pants feel tighter, not noticing tweaks or pains, and ignoring what the stress of holiday shopping is doing to their bodies.

However, on January 1st they’ll snap out of their trances and vow to make a change, then on January 2nd, they’ll make an effort towards those changes. As a result, people will flood to your doors to take advantage of the services you offer, from massages, yoga, acupuncture treatments, to relieve stress, pain, and to get in shape.

Will you be ready to manage all of these new patients or students? Will your system effectively organize your schedule, manage new clients, and help you handle payments? If not, HealingRadiusPro can help.


HealingRadiusPro is the free to use business management solution that’s specifically designed for health and wellness professionals in order to help individuals like yourself simplify managing your business. There are multiple time-saving features that will help you organize your schedule, maintain your contacts, process online payments, and more.

Learn about how you can use HealingRadiusPro can improve your business management experience in the following ways:

Digitize Your Schedule

Once you sign up for HealingRadiusPro you’ll gain access to a ton of online features that can be used on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, meaning you can check in on your business from any location and make adjustments at any time.

This especially comes in handy with your online calendar where you can plan your entire schedule in advance by posting class or appointment times based on your availability and hours of operation. Appointments can be added, edited, or removed at any time.

Your clients will have access to this calendar and can book sessions online. Once a class or appointment is booked you’ll receive a notification for it via email. You’ll also receive a notification when an appointment is canceled.

Every day you can log in to your HealingRadiousPro account and look at your dashboard which will display your upcoming appointments and classes, so you’ll never miss a beat and stay on top of your schedule no matter what.

Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Customers will be more likely to sign up for an appointment is the process is simple. Taking a few seconds to click the timeslot they want online is much easier than having to call in and speak with someone at the front desk.

HealingRadiusPro also will provide your clients with an online profile for your business on, the holistic search engine. This way when they search something related to their symptoms or services you offer, your business will show up in the results with every detail they need to know about it.

Plus, HealingRadiusPro provides an interactive reviews and comments section, so when your clients leave a review you can respond to their questions and claims. You will gain valuable feedback about what your clients enjoy, and what could be improved to make the overall experience better for the majority of your customers.

Provide Online Billing

You need a way to easily keep up with your payments and not frantically run around trying to collect payments before a class or while checking clients in, which is why HealingRadiusPro allows patients and students to pay for their session online right when they book them.

The payments are made through their PayPal, Stripe. Or accounts so they’re instant and totally secure. As an added bonus you can accept their payments on your computer, smartphone, or tablet to accept their payments at any time, from any location.

Also, clients can choose how they will pay for their session when they arrive based off of the payment methods you accept, from cash, debit, credit, check, or through their insurance provider, so you’ll know what to expect.

Get Started With HealingRadiusPro Today

Be prepared for that rush of people ready to pay for the services you offer starting around January 2nd! Make sure you have a professional way to manage an influx of new customers, manage their payments, know where you need to make improvements to your business, and more. It only takes a few seconds to sign up for your free HealingRadiusPro, then you’ll gain access to the fool proof business management solution, full of innovative, time-saving features.


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