The Management Solution Your Massage Business Needs


Haven’t these past few days been stressful? Luckily for us, you’re a massage therapist and know a certain set of professional skills to take our stress, pain, or aches away. However, do you know how we can take the stress and headaches away from managing your center? The answer is simple, by introducing you to HealingRadiousPro.


HealingRadiusPro, your business management solution is here. It’s the 100% free to use cloud-based program that’s specifically designed for health and wellness professionals in order to simplify managing every aspect of their alternative health business. HealingRadiusPro can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, and computer so you can make adjustments to your business from any location in a matter of seconds.

Check out the following features to see how HealingRadiusPro can help you save time while  effectively managing your business:

Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling

HealingRadiusPro really gives massage therapists a leg up by providing them with tools for online appointment scheduling and booking. All you have to do is log into your account and you’ll be able to see your appointment calendar where you can add, cancel, change, or remove appointments at any time.

Plus, your regular clients and potential new clients will be able to see your calendar with the ability to instantly book an appointment without the hassle of having to call in and discuss the details with your secretary.

Best of all, every time an appointment is booked or canceled you’ll receive an email notification. This way you’ll totally stay on top of your schedule without having to lug around your appointment book everywhere.

Online Payments and Expense Tracking

One of the goals of HealingRadiusPro is to help you get money in your pocket with less hassle, which is why when someone schedules an appointment they can instantly pay for it online. Then you can accept that payment from any location, at any time.

Once a client schedules an appointment they can also choose their payment method for when they arrive based off of the payment options you accept  from cash, check, debit, credit, their insurance provider, and more.  

HealingRadiusPro also helps you keep track of your expenses with detailed reports so you can clearly see  how much of your funds are going where. This will help you decide which parts of your business to add or cut investments to.

The business reporting will help you determine your ROI or return investment because your sales will be broken down in easy to read charts to see if they’ve recently increased or decreased. Your actions directly affect how well your business does, so it’s great to stay in touch with how things are going to see what works well or not.

Staff and Client Management

What good is an online business management software if it doesn’t help you easily keep track of your contacts? HealingRadiusPro goes above and beyond the call of duty for this because you can organize all of your contacts with specific contact information, notes, and details among different groups.

For example, you can upload your staff all at once with a CSV or excel file or enter in new members one at a time to easily keep track of their hours of availability, time off requests, schedules, personal details, and more.

Each staff member will have a personal profile that you can even add their photo to. Be sure to enter in their title and specific roles, and color code them based off of the team they’re on. You can even assign them tasks to complete and give certain staff members their own login info so they can create the schedules or handle responsibilities for you.

Clients can be organized into groups based off of if they’re regulars or leads. Plus, you can keep specific notes in their files about their medical history or needs. For instance, if you have a patient named Laura Croft with a lot of hip pain due to parkour like activities then you can read up on her file and be prepared for her as she arrives to her appointment.

It’s Fully Mobile

Now it’s undeniable HealingRadiusPro allows you to do some wonderful things, however, it gets even better, because to can perform these functions anywhere. Adjust your schedule at the gym, add an employee to a shift while at the grocery store, accept online payments from your couch!  Fully manage your entire business no matter where you are.

We  can Pinch you, but You’re not Dreaming

How can it be? HealingRadiusPro lets you do all this stuff for free? It’s simply a miracle. Take a few seconds to sign up for your free account today and instantly save time while simplifying managing your entire business.

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