Why Your Wellness Business Needs Email Marketing


We all want to finish the year strong, but most importantly, we all want our businesses to improve and grow in 2017. As a health and wellness professional you have the advantage because the January health boom is right around the corner. Are you prepared to market your business to get more health conscious clients in the door? If not, don’t worry, HealingRadiusPro and email marketing can help.


Cut cost and save time with HealingRadiusPro, the 100% free to use business management program. It’s specifically designed for health and wellness professionals to simply manage every single aspect of their business with features for online appointment scheduling, online class booking, online payment processing, staff management, and more, leaving you with more free time to focus on email marketing.  

The Importance of Email Marketing

Everyone checks their email multiple times a day, so by sending out your own marketing emails you’ll be marketing your business to more people by taking up free space in their inbox.

The emails will give the name of your business to new potential customers and may help you establish your name amongst other business owners because your emails will create a method of communication from business to business and from business to clients.

Plus, email marketing provides the best ROI or return on investment out of every other marketing method. Expensive Facebook or Google ads don’t compare to the number of sales that email marketing gets.

Customers want to know what’s happening, especially when you have a special deal or discount going on. Chances are that if a customer has signed up for your emails then they’re already considering paying for the services you offer, so a marketing email with an irresistible promotion could finally hook them.

With email marketing, you’ll be able to see how many customers are coming to your site. Paper ads and TV commercials don’t provide the necessary feedback for you to be able to tell if your marketing campaign was successful or not, while email marketing provides tons of information.

You’ll be able to access reports to see how many people opened your email, came to your site from an email, unsubscribed, booked an appointment, and more. This important feedback will help you learn what your clients respond to. You’ll be able to see which promotions perform best and which days of the week are best for sending out new campaigns. Use the results to set goals and to put a marketing plan together.

Not every email has to be about a special offer. Instead, they can simply be used to send out newsletters about what’s new in your industry or to promote new blog posts. The emails can even be as simple as appointment reminders and they’ll still generate interest in your business and help your site gain more traffic.

Best of all, HealingRadiusPro will help you build and keep track of your customer base, so you’ll know who to email. Once a client books an appointment HealingRadiusPro will gather their information and email address for you, so all you’ll have to do is upload your client list to your email marketing platform.

Get Started Today

By taking a few seconds to sign up for your free HealingRadiusPro account you can simplify managing your business on both a day to day and long term basis, giving you more time to learn about email marketing and to prepare for the upcoming January health boom.

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