How To Make That Workout Routine Stick


It’s that time of year again, where you look at yourself in the mirror and think, maybe after this holiday season I should avoid the sweets and hit the gym. However, you may be seasoned enough to think, “What’s the point? I never stick with it and waste tons of money on membership plans.” Don’t give up! This is your year, which is why we have tips to make your workout routine stick.

Plan it

First, just get out there. Find something that you like. Experiment with running around the neighborhood, cycling, taking classes like Zumba or yoga, or cardio machines paired with light weight training afterwards.

By finding something fun to do it will be rewarding to go to, instead of just a hassle. If you hate going to the gym, fine don’t go, but don’t let that be an excuse. There are tons of exercise routines that can be accomplished outside of the gym.

Consider the time it will take. It’s best to exercise for about 150 minutes per week, so that’s three 50 minute sessions, or five 30 minute sessions. Put in the time where you can find it in your schedule.

Also, your schedule may need some adjusting. While we know that it’s super awesome to go straight from work to your comfy chair with a blanket and tv, it’s time to distance yourself from it. Heck, too much time with your special chair might be why your body doesn’t look the way you want it to. Come to terms with that you may have less time for video games and TV, but remember they’ll be there on your rest days waiting for you.

Plan a flexible schedule in advance. Look at your week every Sunday morning and pencil in workouts when you have time. If you move a workout back a day or miss a session due to a late meeting don’t shame yourself, just work out when you can.

Get Social

Find a workout buddy, but don’t get comfortable with them, then backing out on them could be easy. Instead of counting on them to push you to be the buddy you want them to be. Text them if they don’t show up, remind them if it’s arm day or not. Ask them what their workout plan is.

Make bets at work. Create a biggest loser challenge or challenge someone to lose 5 pounds first. Then you’ll be able to regularly your coworkers about their progress and check in on the goal.

Join an online fitness community. You’ll be able to make small talk with other people trying to get in shape as well as track their daily updates. They may even hold you accountable for working out and help motivate you.

Sign up for a class and befriend a regular, who will miss you when you aren’t there. While you’re in your comfy chair you’ll think of them and that could push you to get up and head to class.

When you reach a small goal, tell everybody. Post about it, text about it, tell the stranger weight lifting next to you. Every small muscle gain or weight loss is a major win.

Get your friends and family involved. Make a deal with them, like if you lose 10 pounds everyone gets a toy and with your friends, the round of drinks will be on you. Set up a deal that will allow you to spend a little less time with them in order to work out without them getting upset. Instead, they’ll check in on your progress and push you to meet your goals.

Make it Personal

You’re working out for you. No one else. Your goals to burn fat or build muscle are totally up to you and no one else. Dig deep and find the motivation inside yourself.

Think about how you want to look and think about it daily. Get a little obsessed (but not too obsessed) and look at yourself naked in the mirror every day, or ask your spouse to monitor your body for changes.

Don’t be a slave to the scale as water weight can heavily affect pounds and sometimes you’ll gain pounds of muscle, not fat. Weigh in once a week, and keep a journal of your measurements. Measure your waist, chest, arms, and hips. Over time you’ll see the results you want.

It’s a mental game. Expect to experience highs and lows, but stay mentally strong and motivated. Improving your health can add years to your life and make you feel a lot better than you ever have.

Take it Slow

You’re not gonna run a marathon your first day. Go at your own pace. There is no reason to feel intimidated by the girls that are skinny as sticks or perfectly chiseled men. If you aren’t up to their speed, that’s fine. They’ll respect your dedication and enjoy seeing you improving your health regularly.

The average person loses about a pound per month, so you’ll have to accept it and go at your casual pace. Ease into it, don’t spend three hours trying to work out daily and transform your diet 100% or you’ll crash. You need to give your body time to rest and recover.

If you’re feeling dead or totally exhausted you’re either doing too much or not eating enough. You want to feel moderately tired, not like you’ve been up for three days. Also, you need to eat the right amount of nutritious foods to fuel your routine. Start by replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit, then finding healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

You can do it

This is your time to get in shape, it’s now or never, Dig deep and stay motivated. By easing into a routine and slowly increasing its intensity over time you’ll become addicted to fitness and even enjoy your routine. Trust us, one of the best feelings of success comes from completing your fitness goals, both big and small.

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