The Importance of Online Appointment Booking


Back in the day, all a health and wellness professional needed was a pen and notepad. Everything was handwritten and filed away, maybe with the help of a secretary. Then computers came along and data started to be entered manually, with electronic files. Now were moving at such a fast pace with technology that almost every aspect of alternative business can be handled online and on mobile devices.

HealingRadiusPro, the online business management solution, specifically designed for health and wellness professionals, like yourself, wants to help you save time while effectively managing and growing your business, especially when it comes to online appointments.

The Problems With Offline Appointments

When an offline appointment is made, a patient has to take the time out of their day to either call into your office or correspond via email. This can be time-consuming and frustrating because our current generation hates making phone calls.

Then, once an appointment is made, a staff member has to manually enter it in the computer or write it down in the appointment book. If an appointment book is used, then you’ll have to have it with you at all times to manage your schedule. You can’t leave it at home, or in the car, or lose it!

Also, staff members aren’t automatically notified of the appointment. You’ll have to send out a text or email to update them with the daily schedule.

There is no way for a patient to pay for their appointment until they meet you or your front office staff to pay in person. This adds a level of frustration to the health and wellness world because you have to track down people for their payments before or after a class or appointment.

Plus, customers can easily forget about offline appointments, because they don’t receive text or email reminders about them. And, unless they call in to cancel, you might waste time waiting around for a no-show.

The Benefits of Online Appointments

With HealingRadiusPro you’ll have a scheduling page for all of your clients to see. You’ll be able to easily add, edit, or remove appointments at any time. Then your customers will be able to view your schedule and instantly book their appointment.

When an appointment is booked you and your designated staff members will receive a notification about it.

Because HealingRadiusPro can be used on multiple platforms, you can use it to check your daily schedule in a matter of seconds on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, so you’ll never be without the information that you need.

Your clients will never forget about their appointments because they’ll receive email reminders about them. You can set up auto reminders to send out as their appointment approaches, from a few days before to a few hours before.

Customers can cancel appointments as easily as they can schedule them, and you and your staff members will be notified when an appointment is canceled. You can also send them an email to confirm the cancellation.

Best of all, when an appointment is made customers can instantly pay for them online, and they can list their payment type from debt, credit, checks, cash or insurance. Also, with HealingRadiusPro you can accept payments at any time, from any location.

Try HealingRadiusPro Today

HealingRadiusPro is the free to use business management solution, designed for health and wellness professionals. It modernizes the way businesses are managed with innovative, time-saving features for online payments, staff management, managing online reviews, customer history, and more. Simply sign up today to see how the features can instantly benefit your alternative health business.

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