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When you think about what you need to survive the top three things that come to mind are food, shelter, and water. However, did you know that water isn’t just important in survival situations? It actually plays a vital role in your everyday health and well-being.

The Health Benefits of Drinking More Water

Because our bodies are actually 55 to 78% water getting the proper hydration is important for our cells to function properly. Water helps the cells bring in nutrients and transport oxygen around the body. If their functions are inhibited due to lack of hydration you may find yourself in some trouble pretty quickly.

Fatigue is actually a huge indicator of dehydration. With water to help your cells carry oxygen, your heart has to work harder to oxygenate your body. As a result of your heart working harder your blood pressure could rise.

When you’re hydrated blood and oxygen flows more easily to your brain, your mood and cognitive reasoning skills can improve. Also, hydration not only alleviates headaches and migraines, it lowers the risk for them as well.

Water helps your digestive tract break down food and relieve constipation, which cuts down on stomach pains and gas. Water can even boost your metabolism. When it comes to weight loss, drinking a glass or two of water before your meal can help to make you feel more full, so you’ll eat less as a result.

Being hydrated helps your body to detox. It burns fat and helps eliminate waste through sweat and urine. Plus, it helps your kidneys function and prevents minerals and salts from building up in them. If salts and minerals build up they could turn into kidney stones, which aren’t exactly easy to pass.

If you drink enough water you’ll help your body build endurance and energy for everyday tasks as well as physical activities. Water prevents electrolytes from shriveling up so you have the drive to push yourself longer and harder and a lower risk of getting cramps or sprains. Drinking enough water also a way to protect your joints and their cartilage, since they’re 85% water and need to stay hydrated. Keeping them lubricated can play a major role in preventing aches and pains.

Best of all, water helps you look radiant and flawless. It plumps your skin, clears your skin, and flushes your pores to prevent pimples. Water helps your skin stay firm and lifted to prevent wrinkles and sagging, as well as prevents dark circles and bags from forming under your eyes.

How to Drink More Water

Everyone has heard about the 8 cups a day rule, but in reality that suggestion is a little out dated. Men actually need about 13 cups of water a day, and women need about 9. Also, if you aren’t very active and don’t think you need a lot of water, keep in mind that we lose most of our fluids through urination and sweat.

Even though you’ll be healthier and feel better on a daily basis with proper hydration, we aren’t suggesting that you guzzle down water when you aren’t thirsty or feel bloated. Simply refer to the tips below to see how you can add more water to your diet during your daily routine.

First things first, start your day off right. When you first wake up chug a cup of water. This will help your body wake up and get going, It will also spark your digestive system so you’ll feel hungry for breakfast and be able to use the bathroom at home, before work.

Next, if you feel sluggish try to wash away fatigue with a cup of water before running to the coffee pot. If water doesn’t do the trick go ahead and have your coffee, it doesn’t dehydrate you like a few myths suggest.

Take a water bottle with you everywhere, in the car, department store, or office. This way you’ll always have water on hand when thirst hits. You can also hit the water fountain or water cooler every time you pass it, or use a water bottle with a filter to fill up no matter where you are.

If you have a few snacks in the mid-morning or afternoon try drinking some water with them. Soon it will become a habit to drink water during your snack time every day.

Improve your diet and get hydrated by eating water-based fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, strawberries, green beans, citrus fruits, and more. When you see a soda think about all of the sugar and chemicals that would be bad for your body and grab a water instead. In restaurants, you’ll even save a few bucks by getting water instead of soda.

If water is just too plain for you spice it up by adding fruit to it. Limes, lemons, blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers, and more give water a nice, refreshing flavor. You can also add a flavor packet to your water, or try a carbonated water with no artificial sweeteners, sugar, or calories.

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