How Yoga Studio Owners Manage Their Centers


Even with the relaxing nature that yoga provides, it can still be pretty hectic to manage your own yoga studio. There are a million details about your clients, patients, staff, accounting, marketing and more to keep up with. With so many different aspects to manage, it can seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

However, true yogi masters save time and effectively manage every detail about their center with the help of HealingRadiusPro.


HealingRadiusPro is the free to use business management solution designed to help health and wellness professionals run their centers. By taking a few seconds to sign up for your free account you will gain access to innovative features for managing online booking, online payments, staff management, contact management, as well as reviews and comments, with no obligations, contracts, credit cards, or hidden fees.

How HealingRadiusPro Helps Yoga Studio Owners:

Online Booking:

HealingRadiusPro takes the stress out of scheduling classes because it provides an online calendar where a variety of yoga classes from slow moving courses to advanced, hot classes can be added at any time. The classes can also be changed, moved, and deleted in a matter of seconds.

Plus, your calendar will be displayed for all of your students and newcomers to see. They’ll be able to quickly and easily book their classes online. Classes will be available until all of the seats are full, and you’ll receive a notification via email every time a class is booked or canceled, so you can stay on top of your schedule. HealingRadiusPro also displays the number of people who signed up for classes, so you’ll know how many students to expect every class.

Online Payments:

Once a class is booked students can pay for them online. They can also choose their method of payment for when they arrive from the payment methods you accept ranging from cash, debit, credit, check, or with their insurance. This way your secretary will know which forms of payment to expect as students arrive.  

Best of all, there’s no delay between students paying, and receiving their payments because you can accept their transactions from any location, at any time right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can accept their payments while on the bus, at the grocery store, and even from your couch at home.

Staff Management:

Yoga instructors, office staff, maintenance crews, and more, oh my! With multiple employees how do you keep track of everyone and avoid staff mixups? The answer is simple, with HealingRadiusPro. By quickly uploading your entire staff to your HealingRadiusPro account you’ll have all of their contact details, available schedule, time off requests, and more, all in one convenient location.

You can organize all of your employees by their titles and roles to keep the marketing team or front desk staff in their own categories by creating groups or color coding them. Also, you can assign tasks to your employees to complete and give your trusted staff members their own login information so they can do things like create the class or employee schedules for you.

Contact Management:

With HealingRadiusPro keeping track of all of your contacts like students, vendors, and more  is a breeze because you can upload all of your contacts at once, or enter new customers into the database one at a time to keep up with your contact’s contact information, attendance records, outstanding payments, and future classes.

If you ever need to contact one of your clients, their information will be readily available with just a few taps of your thumbs. You’ll no longer have to keep up with an address book because everything you need will be right there on your smartphone.

Reviews and Comments:

Learn what people really think of your center with their comments and reviews. You’ll be able to tell if your center is doing great or if someone has a problem every time a student posts their review. Use this section to learn where to make improvements with your business.

In order for your business to uphold a great reputation, HealingRadiusPro will let you edit and respond reviews and comments. This way you can quickly handle customer claims and answer important questions.

Did we Mention That it’s Free?

Don’t hesitate to sign up with your free HealingRadiusPro account today. After taking a minute or two to sign up and verify your business you’ll be able to start using tons of intuitive tools that will help you save time while efficiently running your yoga studio.

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