Is Wine Really Healthy For Us?


Every once and while a health trend comes through and sweeps the nation. For example, apparently coconut oil cures everything. People get excited about the so called ‘quick and easy’ fixes and health benefits so they spread the health news all across the nation.

All wine lovers have probably heard about wine being healthy, to which they do their happy dance and pour another glass, so we decided to investigate to see if wine in moderation (which equals two servings a day)  is really healthy for us or not.

Wine Benefits

Wine, which we love with all of our hearts could actually be healthy for them too because wine is full of antioxidants that are believed to help prevent coronary heart disease, which often leads to heart attacks.

Plus, a few of the antioxidants found in wine are called polyphenols and they’re linked to helping protect the lining of the blood vessels in your heart.

It’s also possible that the antioxidants could raise the level of high-density lipoproteins or good cholesterol to prevent cholesterol from building up.

Another powerful antioxidant found in wine is called resveratrol and it might as well be considered a super antioxidant because it can do a lot! It reduces bad cholesterol, helps prevent damage to blood vessels, and may lower the risk of inflammation to help prevent blood clots.

Resveratrol is believed to have the ability to turn fat into brown fat, which is calorie-burning fat, and studies suggest that it could kill damaged cells that could ultimately lead to cancer. It could also help to prevent memory loss to help those with alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.

Some researchers believe that resveratrol is one of the keys to living longer because it suppresses compounds in the blood that affect the production of insulin.

Because wine is filled with antioxidants, supposedly it can help you during cold and flu season. It will combat viruses and infections to keep you healthy.

Want to look young and beautiful? Try having a glass of wine, because it’s believed that wine protects our skin from damaging UV rays and prevents wrinkles. Also, wine may temporarily stain your lips and teeth, but it kills bacteria in the mouth to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Wine Negatives

None of the health benefits of wine have been studied enough for clear results! Some of the studies have been tested on mice, but not adults, so all we can do is hope that wine is as healthy as we want it to be!

Wine could lead to alcoholism, which opens up a whole new box of trouble because alcohol has a lot of negative effects on the health of your body.

Alcohol consumption is linked to increasing the risk of breast cancer in women, and it’s basically empty calories that if over consumed could lead to weight gain and increased blood pressure.

The best methods for heart health weight loss don’t involve alcohol at all. A healthy diet with moderate exercise is best!

If you’re taking a daily medication wine could affect your reaction to it. Plus, some medications are broken down in the liver, but the liver has a lot of trouble processing medicine while it’s busy processing alcohol.

Want the benefits Without Drinking?

If you want the health benefits that wine may offer, but not the alcohol eat some grapes. Every part of the grape including the skin is full of antioxidants, including lipoproteins and resveratrol.

Also, you can get your chef on! Add a little wine to your favorite recipes for a boost of flavors and antioxidants.

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