The Hypnotherapy Difference


When you hear the word hypnosis you probably think about a hypnotherapist on stage making an innocent volunteer run around like a chicken, flapping their wings and clucking in order to entertain an audience.

Or you might think about a pendulum or item on a string going back and forth as a comforting voice tells you that you’re getting veeeeery sleepy…

But did you know hypnotherapy isn’t just for crowd-pleasing tricks? It’s actually a renowned holistic healing method used to help people relax, relieve anxiety, and break bad habits.

About Hypnotherapy

The earliest records of hypnotherapy actually date back to the times of ancient Greece and Egypt and ‘hypnos’ is the Greek word for sleep. However, hypnotherapy didn’t become popular as a method of alternative health until the mid-1800’s when James Braid realized that people weren’t being put to sleep, but instead were focusing on single thoughts.

From there, many people theorized and experimented with hypnosis until hypnotherapy became what it is today, which is basically a form of alternative health using the power of suggestion through psychotherapy to subconsciously help patients associate new behaviors, feelings, and thoughts with bad habits, stress, or anxiety.

There are two main types of hypnotherapies:

Suggestion Therapy is used to help people break bad habits like smoking or nail biting. As a patient goes into a hypnotic state or trance, hypnotherapists will help them associate a new attitude or new thoughts with their bad habits.

For example, they may suggest to their patient that smoking leaves a horrible taste in their mouth, or to think about the terrible outcomes that smoking can have on their health.

This form of hypnotherapy is used for weight loss, the perception of pain, relief from stress, anxiety, and depression, and more.

Analysis Therapy is used to find the cause of stress or anxiety through exploring a patient’s subconscious mind while they’re in a trance. By exploring the mind hypnotherapists may discover repressed memories or the hidden cause of anxiety to give the patient the power to put an end to their anxiety and control their own inner emotions.

By being placed in a relaxed state most patients often find it much easier to discuss their emotional turmoil.

What to Expect During Your Visit     

Before your visit be sure to search for hypnotherapists on, the holistic healing search engine to find the best therapist in your area. With HealingRadius you’ll be able to compare reviews and see business locations and hours of operation to find the best center for you.

Also, wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to easily relax as you fall into a relaxing trance.

Be totally open minded before you enter the therapy office. You have to be open to hypnosis for it to work. It’s perfectly fine to be anxious or nervous prior to your appointment, but do your best to rid yourself of any jitters beforehand.

They don’t let anyone become a hypnotherapist, each specialist is properly trained and certified, so you can trust your personal therapist and feel comfortable around them.

Your therapist will ask you a series of questions at the beginning of your appointment about your job, and daily life, and why you’re there to assess where they should take you during your guided trance.

Some hypnotherapists use a pendulum for you to focus on but others simply speak with a relaxing tone to help you drift off into a hypnotic state.

You’ve been in trances before, just not guided ones. Whenever you’re on your phone and you forget the world around you and even miss what someone says to you, you’re in a trance.

That’s what it will be like in your therapist’s office. Everything around you and stress will seem to melt away as you relax. However, you will be in control of your mind and body, you won’t answer any questions or do anything you don’t want to.

So, if you’re in control of your body why do people get on stage and act like chickens? They are under the power of suggestion, and their fear and anxiety about being in front of an audience are taken away, which is similar to how hypnotherapy helps with public speaking.

Once your session is complete your hypnotherapist will awaken you from your trance by slowly bringing you back to being aware of your surroundings. It’s a slow, relaxed processed to keep you with a general relaxed feeling.

Is Hypnotherapy Right for you?

Hypnotherapy can help cure a variety of ailments from arthritis pain and anxiety to insomnia and breaking bad habits. It’s a natural way of healing through the power of suggestion and will leave you feeling relaxed. However, it’s always best to check with your doctor to discuss new treatment plans before jumping in.

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